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August 21 2013

Tahmoh Penikett snags another gig on The CW. He has a recurring role on The CW's new midseason sci-fi drama Star-Crossed.

I hope this role allows him to play more than the dour cop/soldier role. We know he's aces at that but he's running the risk of being typecast. I'd love to see him in a lighter role.

He plays a dirty politician in Continuum. So that's a little different.
Looks like he's playing a fallen angel on SPN this season.
This show looks like it could be a total cliche, but I'm a sucker for the star-crossed teenage love story. I keep hoping they can get it right. I'll be checking this one out.
electricspacegirl, it is "Roswell" for a new generation with a fair dose of Romeo & Juliet thrown in and I am totally ok with that. Shades of District 9 internment camp for good measure.
It is very much like Roswell except that the aliens are out and not living in secret. So that adds a different element. I watched the trailer and it looks promising.
I saw the pilot at SDCC. Script was stronger yet which bodes well for the series.
. . . You know, I thought if "Angel" was ever remade, Tahmoh Penikett would have been a good choice to play one of our favorite vampires.
Saw the pilot at Comic Con as well. I'm going to be honest; I'm usually not sucked into CW Teen dramas, but this one has serious, serious potential. The writing was there. If they don't go the 'Vampire Diaries melodrama' route, this could be a great show.
Yay!! I will pretty much watch him anything. Well, except SPN.

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