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August 22 2013

Wentworth Miller takes a stand against Russian anti-gay laws by coming out. Maybe a tenuous connection, having been a swimmer in "Go Fish" however many years ago, but this is pretty admirable, so it might warrant a post anyway. Miller is probably better known for his role on Prison Break.

Bravo, Mr Miller. What's happening in Russia is beyond horrid, and every voice counts.
That's indeed very admirable. Go Mr Miller!
Amazingly, I just watched Go Fish last night! Good on him.
I'm not sure why so many in the media are seeing this as a 'coming out' situation.

So far as I'm aware, he's made no secret of his sexuality in the past.
Apparently Russia didn't know.

I maybe watched one or two episodes of Prison Break, but mostly I know him from Buffy.
He was in the closet publicly while on Prison Break, Scraggles, even though it wasn't a well kept secret.

And bravo to Mr. Miller for using his public platform to call Russia to task for this horrible law.

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He should also publicly boycott the upcoming winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
Well, bless him.
Hmmm ... . Well at some point I read an interview or two with no closet in sight, no carefully worded evasions, so all these 'coming out' headlines had me a bit baffled. Can't recall where/what I read though. It's been a pretty good while ago.
Apropos of nothing, I always thought had Gage not gone all fish guy he and Buffy might have hit it off pretty well. I liked their scenes in that episode.

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