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August 22 2013

New Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV trailer. Fill yer boots.

From the sizzle to the steak.....these are interesting people, can't wait for this to fire up!
I want to love the trailer but the music really slows down any excitement for it.
New footage alert loving it
What's with the Firefly-ey music?
Cool footage, HORRIBLE music.
It seems that some of the footage (scenes in the jungle, the "group shot" minus Coulson and May) might be from episode 2.
Love the music.
What is the song? As having watched the trailer for the umpteemth time, it's growing on me somewhat.
I started singing "I'm an agent, on a steel horse I ride..." along to it.
Stevie Nicks? Should have got that.
I like the song myself, it's a bit wider than the usual ACTION SUPERHEROZZZ style of previous (which I also liked, in fairness). ABC is a brand built on feels.

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The music vaguely reminds me of that song at the end of "A Hole in the World." - not exactly the same style, but sort of emotionally similar.
ooh, moody.
If I didn't know better, I'd have thought I was listening to a Sons of Anarchy trailer...
I LOVE STevie Nicks, but this pairing seemed off. But my worry is this cast all looks so much alike that if no one dyes or cuts their hair I'm going to spend the first half a season not realizing who is who.
Weird. I don't think anyone looks like anyone else.
Really? Other than Fitz and Simmons, who look like siblings - probably intentionally, the rest don't look that much alike. I think the problem may be that they all wear the same uniforms/suits, which does make differentiation more difficult.

[ edited by steverogers on 2013-08-24 23:45 ]
I kinda thought that was a problem with the posters/promos too. I would have loved to see more variety in the cast. It's very much a white blob (with some exceptions in the show proper, once it airs, I'm sure).
I remember people complaining when there were no Asians in the regular cast of Firefly (even though two of the 9 main cast were black and Morena was Brazilian). Now there is an Asian and people are still saying the whole cast is white???? The Dollhouse cast was incredibly diverse. I really think Joss just casts the best actors that audition for the parts.
Two Asian actors but then people will complain no matter what.

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