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August 23 2013

Alexis Denisof to star in Grimm. Click the link for details. Or don't, the choice is yours. (DO IT).

Oh dear, I gave up on Grimm after episode 3, and now I'll have to go back to watching it (if Alexis Denisof is really going to be a regular).

Nope, wait... not starring... not even a regular. He is going to be a 'reoccurring character' (ie probably not even in the credits).

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Reoccurring means guest starring in multiple episodes.
Love Grimm (first thing I'll watch on Friday evening or Saturday morning) and adore Mr. Denisof. WIN!
GRIMM started a little weak for my tastes, but then really picked up as it went along - not unlike some of my favorite Joss shows. :) I've been enjoying it quite a bit, and look forward to the new season and Alexis' recurring role.
Oh man, that means he'll be roaming the streets of Portland for a few weeks. I am not the celeb stalker type (creepy!), but it would be so neat to see him from afar at a coffee shop.

@embers: you really should give it another shot. It really picks up.
I'll have to go back and revisit Grimm! And another char with a lengthy name!
I haven't watched the show since the pilot, but from the quick wiki search I did, I have a question based on who he'll be related to. Is Alexis going to have a British accent?
The character he will be related to has a Canadian accent so not necessarily. Some related characters have German-ish or just vaguely European-of-some-sort accents though.
Would be cool if Amy's character showed up again in one of Alexis' episodes.
This means he'll be in Portland. OH MY GOD.
@azture I'll go Alexis stalking with you. In a very discreet, respectful way, of course.
Grimm is great fun and also has filmed in my neighborhood several times now. (I just wish the cast would stop referring to themselves as a Scooby Gang.)
Glad about Alexis being on the show since Grimm is hit and miss in quality and story lines for me, though a couple of the actors are rad (I'm looking at you, Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee). That whole amnesia thing last season, geesh.
Grimm started off slow for me, actually gave up on it and then Netflix or Hulu Plus had it the whole season so I started watching it again and ended up falling in love with it so if some of you gave up, give it another try and you might be surprised!!

Thrilled at this news and can't wait to see his character!
Hope Grim and Crazy Ones don't conflict for me this fall.

I like Grimm but these modern day TV credits mean I have no idea who's who. But one of my favorite actors showing up on it doesn't hurt.
@TheOneTrueBix, maybe Scooby Gang is a direct reference to Buffy. That makes it an homage. :)
Well, Grimm is helmed by David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, both of whom wrote for BtVS - which probably explains the Scooby Gang reference, as well as being the reason Alexis got this job.
Grimm started off slowly, but it got better as it progressed. It has an "Angel" feel to it, so Alexis would fit right in.
Nebula1400 : I once said that ( being aware the show's do not share a myhtology) that Grimm corresponded to Angel and Once Upon a Time to BtVS.

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