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August 23 2013

Dark Horse Comics asks, "Where's Serenity?" The comics publisher teases "the future of the franchise at Dark Horse", with news heading our way in the coming months via the #WheresSerenity hashtag on their various social media channels. ETA: Another image can be found here.

Not sure what "products" are coming, but as far as comics, Scott Allie did confirm at LeakyCon that they'll be turning again to Zack Whedon.
I'm a leaf on the space wind.
"Not coming again to a screen near you" would be my answer :(.
Could this be a continuing series? Has Dark Horse done this kind of teaser for the three-issue comic limited runs?
My recollection from the LeakyCon panel I did with Scott is that they aren't eyeing an ongoing, but I'd have to ask if I'm remembering that right.
Oh I wish it was an ongoing. I needs more Serenity!

But still even if not, this is a nice surprise. I will take whatever I can get!
I saw the picture they posted, took a half second to figure out what it meant, and then went, "Awwww". That put me in the happy/sad place.

Dark Horse also tweeted this image:

I wondered about that. Now that I've seen this link, I'm wondering a whole lot more.

Thanks Dark Horse!

Thanks B!x!
I would love an ongoing series. I don't really think that the two miniseries really lived up to their full potential, and only served to bridge the gap between the series and the film. There really wasn't a lot of breathing room in there to tell really interesting stories.
I think the two minis worked pretty well to establish the movie's character dynamics. And after The Shepherd's Tale and the two shorts Zack has written, I look forward to whatever he's got coming next.
so does that mean dark horse will do graphic novels/comics because i'll so invest in them
I had a few issues with TST (How did that explain his reception aboard the Magellan? Seems to me they'd like him less than your average spacefarer...) but I've enjoyed all of the comics so far, and I look forward to more!
For some reason, I'm getting a feeling that these new comics will be Serenity: Voyager or Firefly: Universe. Doesn't every space franchise have a plot line of a ship missing in space? Also who is the artist for the animated gif?
Georges Jeanty?

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