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August 26 2013

Watch some very cool Avengers animatics. These storyboard scenes reveal what The Avengers looked like in the early drafts of the movie (there's The Wasp for starters).

That's really interesting. Really curious about hot Jan would've fit in the script.
They did do some initial work with the off chance that she'd be included.
I'm guessing that Final Battle animatic was very early. It also had Hawkeye in his mask and a very different look for the "Jumbo", so I think a lot hadn't been settled yet.

Hulk's moment was still extremely satisfying, though. Even in sketch form.

I can see why they didn't go with the alternate intros for Iron-Man. They're just way too big. At this point, everyone in the audience knows who Iron-Man is, there isn't room in a team movie to spend 5 minutes fighting an unrelated cyborg. It's really neat to see how Joss started off with more for Iron-Man (as he started off with more for Cap), then whittled it down as he went.
I wish Janet Van Dyne(The Wasp) had been in the first movie. As when she's written right she's a truly great addition to the team. So I would have loved to have seen what Joss would have written her like..
Some of these would be from zak penn's script. He worked on animatics at an early stage, and Joss frequently complains of the trend of having superheros fight slightly stronger versions of themselves, so he would never have scripted that iron man scene.

EDIT: Here's the interview where Zak Penn mentions the animatics.

"The only thing I can say is Im pushing them to do as many animatics as possible to animate the movie, to draw boards so that were all working off the same visual ideas"

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