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August 26 2013

Joss discusses the possibility of killing an Avenger. Excerpted from his recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

They already killed off the tv franchise character the first time. They should totally kill Fury and then bring him back for his own movie. Fair's fair.
Nobody ever dies forever in comic books. Kill 'em all and bring back their dopplegangers from another dimension for the third one, sez I.
It's not like there's a shortage of them...
This points at the distinction between storytelling and commerce. And how one might influence the other.

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He could pump them all off (he just cannot kill anyone else from the Serenity crew!).

In fact it would be really fun if he could kill off Superman for good (I'm so sick of Superman).
It occurs to me that Joss could kill off Tony Stark. No more Iron Man movies planned, and RDJ just re-signed for Avengers 2 and 3, right? Mentioning 3 could be a red herring. If Ultron really is Tony's creation here, it would kind of fit, even.
I'm getting tired of Supes, too. The problem with him is that he's basically a Boy Scout who's indestructible and unbeatable, with the exception of the one minor-ish vulnerability. It makes for a very boring character compared to... say... Tony Stark, for example. Yes, Joss - please kill off Superman! I know he can't be in your movie, but you could refer to him as "that dead guy in the blue tights and red cape..." and everyone will get it.
Steve, since Superman could solo Joss' entire movie, (yes, I'm going comic battles here), probably best not to try to poke DC's bear :)

Joss can talk about killing off an Avenger, but I don't think for a second he has free hand to actually do any such thing unless Marvel already has agreed that the MCU-canon won't need the character and won't make them money in another movie. Also, Uncanny X-Men #522 called and said, "no, Joss doesn't get to Kill Off For Real".

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