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August 27 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - the Joss Whedon trailer. Less than a month to go now.

I just realised that other than they're a secret organisation of non-heroes trying to save the day (or live the day), I have no idea what this show is really about. Which is a good thing. I'm excited.
If you look very closely at the snippet which shows Joss, you can see him turn on his laser finger which glows a deep blue as it points towards the camera.
Wait is this really a Marvel trailer? Did it just say folks are "dying" to see AoS?

I'm sleep deprived.
Says so much with such a short trailer
The shining finger thing, reminds me of some promos UPN did for the premiere of Bargaining over 10 years ago, in which Buffy turned around to face the camera (and Dawn) and her face was all shiny in the promo, having nothing to do what happened in the end of Bargaining Part 2.
Am I the only one who gets a Mary Poppins vibe every single time with that helicopter scene?
No, I thought that too.
Not Mary Poppins in particular, but umbrella for sure. Which would no doubt have translated to Mary Poppins if I'd seen that movie in the last twenty years.

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