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August 28 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel and Faith #25. The season finale arrives in stores today.

Just finished it. LOVED it! Wrapped up super quick at the beginning, but that allowed for basically a whole issue of beautiful character work that I've come to expect from this title. I'll be interested to see how the paths of the characters factor into season 10. Clearly there won't be an Angel & Faith title next year. Maybe it'll just be Angel? And then Buffy?

But yeah, overall i LOVED A&F and I look forward to the last issue of Buffy.
I'll admit, I got teary during the final issue. It was a fantastic final chapter in a series that has been absolutely stunning (and potentially better than some of the filmed TV seasons of 'Angel').

I'll have a review up today or tomorrow at Fanboy Comics and Whedonopolis.

Kudos, to Gage, Isaacs and everyone at Dark Horse! Nice work, gang!
It's been two years already ? Whoooooooooh.

This final issue was great. I'm SO glad the final battle was way shorter than expected ! I have a thing for codas I guess ... Great characters moments. Great art. Great pacing. As usual.
Great issue! The fight and the climax was brief, but that allowed for a good coda. Everyone got their moment in the spotlight. I hope Angel gets his own series again in Season 10 with his new supporting cast (Alisdair, Fairweather sisters, and Nadira) going up against Pearl perhaps. As for Faith and Giles, I totally see them teaming up with Kennedy in mini-series about deepscan: "Slayers Inc." anyone?
I found it a little anticlimactic upon first read, but I hope to have some "deeper" feelings on it after a re-read or two.

Season 10 thoughts:
-Faith will get her own title (or perhaps share a title with Spike?)
-Angel will remain in London/"Magic Town" with Lavinia, Sophronia, Alasdair, Nadira and Pearl remaining part of the supporting cast
-Young Giles will join the main Buffy book
watcherinthewoods: Your predictions seem spot on to me. I'll miss the poetic title of Angel & Faith tho.
Faith has her own personal rain cloud that follows her around. After everything she's been through resurrecting him, Giles wants to go back to be with Buffy where he was at his best. Is Giles really so tactless and oblivious that he'd just put it out there like that to Faith? Apparently so.

I hope pairing her with Kennedy isn't just a way to shuffle her off screen/page. I suppose that could be its own series or who knows? There could be a reset where she shows up in the first issue of A&F S10 disgusted with the whole Kennedy experiment.

Mostly I hope Gage and Isaacs stick together for another run in the Buffyverse. Outstanding job with A&F. I'd sign up for pretty much anything to see more from them.
I found it anticlimactic too. And sappy. I'm glad Nadira's not dead, though.
Any chance Young Giles will pick up the name "Gates" as in the Frayverse to be "Incognito"? :-)

Great end to a fantastic series. Super happy.
I'm rather shocked they're changing the Angel & Faith team up. I really enjoyed them together and I still believe both characters could do wonderful things together. Guess we'll see how this Buffyverse shake-up pans out for season 10... At least I have 25 issues of A&F amazingness to look back on and smile.
I was definitely sad how Giles handled the "I'm better with Buffy" stuff at the end. Faith instantly went from being very self-aware and confident to sullen about Buffy again. Bummed me out that after so much development, she still feels stuck in B's shadow. And Giles should know better. Faith risked EVERYTHING to get him back and then he just brushes her off? uncool G.
Giles is now a 12-year-old boy, so some of his insensitivity can be attributed to his new age.
Yeah, that was sort of brutal the way Giles just blew off Faith. Sort of reminds me of Buffy's reaction to the reading of his will back in season eight.

Lots of interesting things being set up. Looks like season ten will see Angel working in "Magic Town." Possibly with a new crew involving Alasdair, Sophie, Lavina, and Nadira. And Pearl is still out there, probably looking for some payback.

Also appears that Faith will be teaming up with Kennedy and her little magickal paramilitary organization. This means that Faith may get her own solo book, or be part of a team book. Or, possibly, Faith and Kennedy will be the antagonists of Buffy's season ten book. Though I'd rather not see Faith slip back into bad guy mode.
I'm kind of hoping that the Faith and Kennedy adventure takes place off-panel between Season 9 and 10, as Kennedy is just not a character I'm remotely interested in (especially now that she's no longer with Willow).
I don't know how associating with Kennedy, another good guy, makes either of them likely to go bad. My only concern is that it is a storyline that puts Faith on a bus, when she really should have had her own title this whole time.

Giles was very much in an adult headspace for most of that scene, so I don't let him off the hook for missing the nuances. There had to be literally every better way to explain why he meant to join Buffy than that. That was a "what else would I want to pump you for" level comment.

I don't think Faith was as broken by it as suggested here, though, I just think she was pretty disappointed that Giles' time with her wasn't his clarity. In a cold, clinical analysis, there isn't a reason it should be -- Giles' time with Buffy may have felt like a better time in his life for countless reasons that aren't him choosing Buffy or Faith, and Faith is savvy enough to get that, because she surely remembers a time before all the compromises started coming in her own life and that there might have been something more pure about it, more hopeful. But it still stings. Very good on Gage to trust the audience to know why that hurt Faith without any comment on it.
Being in the body of a 12 year old has obviously rubbed off on Giles and is affecting him mentally, so I chalk it up to that.
I was disappointed Nadira survived as I found her beef with Angel very annoying. I found her death fairly heroic and in character. At least she is coming back with some sort of magical twist to her character.
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 25.The final part of ,"What You Want,Not What You Need" the conclusion of season 9 for Angel & Faith.Also most likely the conclusion of Angel & Faith as a whole.

Angel & Faith has been the stronger monthly all season over Buffy IMO.It had the most interesting storylines I thought and I was more invested in the characters here and the plotlines overall.Plus I thought Christos Gage got the voices perfectly and I really enjoyed Rebekah Isaacs art.

For this final issue of the season,I thought they stuck the landing.

I'm glad that Angel,Faith,Giles,Alasdair and the Aunts all made it out alive.

The big surprise is that Nadira also survived too and that she's transforming into something else.I guess we'll find out next season into what somewhere.

Pearl also survived which is a bit of surprise although I'm not sure where that story will go except for revenge on Angel,Faith and Nadira.

I think most suspected Whistler would die but I do like the redemptive moments he got and I thought his last moments with Angel was very poignant.I just loved all of that in this issue and this is why Whistler worked so much better as a big bad for me than Simone and Severin in Buffy although i do see the paralleles going on between Whistler and Severin.Their ending are basically matching each other but Whistler carries more weight because he was already a established character with a strong connection to one of the book's leads.The pay off is stronger as a result.

As for where everyone is left?

Well as I long suspected and as much as I really loved this series actually hoped,Angel & Faith part company here and we'll have different monthlies next season it seems.I'm glad that we'll be getting some type of different configurations in season 10.This is why we probably hadn't had any real season 10 news yet.Because it would spoil things like this.I'm still pegging New York Comic Con in October for the season 10 titles and creative teams.

I really liked how Angel and Faith parted too.They're still friends and I'm sure if either really needs the other,they'll be there for each other.But Angel understands why Faith needs to go.He achieved what he wanted to and brought Giles back.And as he points out,bringing Giles back doesn't fix al his mistakes.But fixing this one thing lets him finally accept that and live with it.And he's ready to stand on his own again and really learn from the lessons he learned this season in the aftermath of season 8.

As for Faith,it will be interesting to see where she ends up if she does go through and work for Kennedy as a trainer.Whether she headlines her own book next season or not,I have no idea.

Finally we got Giles and his new lease on life.It sounds like he's going to go see Buffy(and I noticed Faith did seem put off by that).The question is will he stay in Buffy's world.Right this second,it dosen't feel like he belongs there to me.I certainly want to see them reunited but it's hard for me to see Giles staying there especially in his young body.It just doesn't feel like a fit to me..

You know which character I could see Giles really working well with now in his current form.Spike.I think in some ways they are in a similar place and I think they would have good chemistry together.I always thought a Faith & Spike book would work well especially since that was the plan for the aborted Faith spin-off T.V. series.But including Giles in it would be aces IMO.In fact I would go for a Spike & Giles title without Faith too.

We have to see how things end in two weeks for Buffy of course.

Finally I would also like to mention that I really liked how Angel and Giles parted as well.I thought that was a real nice ending there too.And I like how Angel asked about how he hoped Giles would tell him when it was a good idea for him to see Buffy or if.And ,"Giles's,"Yes,of course...But I meant what will you do now that the crisis has past and I'm once again amoung the living."

I have no doubt that Angel and Buffy will interact again eventually and I hope we'll start to see a repair/rebuilding there next season.

But the last shot of Angel and Giles walking off together and those last lines after Angel tells Giles he's staying in London to help the people changed by the magic..

Perfect way to end the season and nice callback to Angel:After The Fall and the last scenes there.It's really is almost the exact same last shot and ending.Full circle but Angel with a better understanding of himself and his actions.

One bit of speculation regards in to Buffy # 25 and where things go for Angel.

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I'd like to see Faith and Kennedy lead a team book of Slayers doing their "security consultants" thing. Having a troop of Slayer commandos didn't work very well in season 8 because the season story arc, and the need to focus on Buffy and the Scoobies, didn't leave much time to have fun with the idea. This series could just be a straight-up adventure story, without any long-term mythology to serve.

It would also provide a chance to bring back some of the past Slayers that I'd really like to see again, like Vi and Satsu and Leah and Rowena.
AndrewCrossett, I really like that idea and I was thinking about it too while reading #25.

I don't know if this is the right place for speculation but I cannot register on Slayalive so I'm gonna speculate a bit :

- London has become Magic Town, and we're sure Angel's going to stay there. I guess season 10 will explore the "magic side" of London ...
- Could it mean Willow and Illyria's actual quest for restoring the seed will be a failure ?
I really enjoyed this final issue, but am having trouble with my specific thoughts on it. I might have to go back and reread the whole run.
Just finished reading, and I really loved it. I wasn't expecting a redeeming ending for Whistler, but I loved that it went that way. It just really clicked with me, for some reason. Like, it made sense, and with things Angel had said before, I realized this was planned for a while, the redemption. It worked well, in my opinion. I liked the callback to Whistler's monologue in Becoming. I almost cried during his death scene with Angel. It was fantastic, I thought.

I loved everything about this issue, actually. I like where every character is going. I didn't expect Faith to take that route, but it could be interesting. I'm assuming we'll get a Faith title next season; or a Slayer bodyguard title? Whatever the title of the company is. Placing Faith in that title would be a good move, since she's such a great character. And I don't love Kennedy, but I wouldn't care if they tried to make her more likable. I didn't have a problem with her in the Buffy title this season.

The Angel/Faith scene was perfection. There was definitely romantic subtext, and I thought it was almost too blunt when Faith was all, "Maybe one day..." I really love their relationship. I still don't know where I stand on the romance angle, but it's something I wouldn't mind explored one day. After this scene, it seemed like, "Hey, maybe we can be something more one day, when our lives aren't so messed up." Maybe I read it wrong? But that's how I felt. I know their friendship always comes first though.

I love that Angel is going back to helping people. And with a new approach. I'd love to see a more "Angel Investigations" series next season. Maybe with Giles' aunts, Nadira, Alasdair, and Illyria in supporting roles. I want Illyria to reunite with Angel more than anything! Especially since it looks like she's going to be left in an interesting situation this season. Or maybe she's just being set up for a miniseries. Who knows? But I personally would love her back with Angel, especially if it's revealed there's something involving Fred going on with her. I wouldn't mind Connor becoming a series regular either. I enjoyed his character so much in the comics.

Giles going to Buffy seems like the right thing. I want to think the Buffy title will end with Giles popping up, and her being shocked, but you never know. I just hope not too much goes on off panel between seasons 9 and 10. Because the whole Billy introduction still has me peeved because of the off-panel-ness. Giles hurting Faith's feelings was sad, but totally realistic. I mean, he's affected by his young body's hormones and such. Plus it's just a Giles thing? Idk. I didn't like it, but it was realistic to me. Can't wait to see where they take Giles next season.

And I am excited for Nadira's story. She's getting new powers, and can potentially be a frenemy to Angel. Sounds interesting enough to me!!
Had kind of an issue with the whole Whistler's-balance-was-thrown-off-by-death-of-magic thing... There was that little Twilight affair which he started that happened long before the seed was ever destroyed.
Great ending to a great story. Whistler dying was very sad but I'm happy he didn't die a villain. His dialog with Angel was perfect.
Happy to see Giles head off to FINALLY see Buffy. I wish she could have made an appearance in this title because I would have loved to see Gage write her.
Can't help but to feel sad for Angel that he is going off alone but very pleased that he feels a sense of peace with himself. I love Angel and I really want to see something good come his way.
Are we sure about an Angel's title next year?

Where are really supporter characters? Faith and Giles have left...Illyria, well, we going to see, maybe she reverts in Fred and joins Angel. Connor and Gunn can reunite with him too, but, let's face it, are they so charismatic? I don't think so. For me, the absence of Cordelia and Wesley is fully evident now.
Nadira, Lavinia, Sophronia and Alisdair are...fictionally cute, but can't replace characters who have lived for years in a medium infinitely more powerful than comics. Living actors make living characters and no comic can create this magic.

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WOW. And that somehow sums it up for me.
A terrific end to a terrific title.

My gut tells me that Faith will be sidelined to background character next season, in favor of an Angel solo title and Buffy title. Interesting possibilities have been raised about the viability of the Slayer Inc. title. You get a chance to flesh out several existing Slayers from the TV show and comics, and really dig into and build character for them. You also have Faith, Kennedy, and Violet who are rooted in TV to build off of.

Fingers crossed that we get three titles next month!
but can't replace characters who have lived for years in a medium most powerful than comics. Living actors make living characters and no comic can create this magick.

Wow. That's pretty insulting to comic books and comic book fans.
Fingers crossed that we get three titles next month!

I think there will definitely be three ongoings, but I'm hoping for four (one for every Wednesday of the month!). Victor Gischler's presence at the Season 10 writers summit suggests Spike will get his own title, and the "Spike and Faith" one-off issue of Angel and Faith seemed like a chemistry-test issue for me. Perhaps they will co-headline a title? Either that, or Spike and Faith will each get their own series, with Faith's perhaps co-starring other Slayers.
Good ending to a good series. I'm hoping Faith gets a book of her own in S10. She deserves it now more than ever after thoughtless kid Giles comments, doesn't she?

I don't see how Angel could stay titleless. The supporting cast is a big question mark however that could be the intent: having Buffy's book be all about the ensemble while Angel plays the lone hero.
Well that was an excellent end to the season!

As we suspected the battle got wrapped up quickly at the start of the issue, leaving enough space for a nice coda.

I am glad that Whistler got a good ending. Despite his misguided actions this season, he had been an important part of Angel's life. Because the actor who played him originally didn't want to commit to a series, we will never know what course his arc would have taken on the show, but this led to an interesting arc this season.

The whole question of his involvement in Twilight was never fully explained or rationaled, and it seemed his crazyness this season was due to his balance being put out of whack (as Angel surmised ages ago), and not so much his insistence on making the "evolution of mankind" happen. I don't think we will ever get a full or coherent explanation for anything to do with Twilight, so I think we are just going to have to get over it and move on from it. This season has helped. A little.

I am really glad he came back to his senses by the end, and yes I think this is a first where the Big Bad came to their senses and sacrificed themselves to avert the apocalypse. Lovely touch, and a very moving death soliloquy from him to Angel. It is a pity that their relationship was never more fully explored on the show.

It was a bit of a sad and downbeat ending for Faith. She has lost any purpose she had at the beginning of the season. Then she was in charge of a squadron of Slayers. She was looking after Angel. Now she has lost all that. And she hasn't even got Giles back. Not really. He is going back to Buffy. So unfortunately Faith ended the Season worse off than when she started. Hope she gets her own title next year and finds a purpose again. With Kennedy's Slayers or something else.

When I read the ending first, I was a bit disappointed that there didn't seem to be any signposts forward for the next season for Angel. But of course I re read and realised my stupidity! I love the hint at what next season will be - a return to AtS's roots. A very season 1 idea of "helping the helpless". It has got me truly excited for the possibilities! Angel helping the people affected by the magical plague. And of course stopping those that will abuse it. A real return to what "Angel" started off as. While the dense mythology storylines were wonderful, this season has pared things right back and I am very excited to see where this will go.
That was amazing. I loved the team up of Angel and Faith and am kind of gutted that it's over. Hope they can reunite.

However, I'm okay with a Kennedy Faith series. I liked how both were definitely cut from opposite ends of the same cloth. They'd play off each other very well.
Really hope they don't team her with spike though, I'd have issues parting with my money for him.

Excited to see where Giles goes from here and Buffy's reaction to his resurrection. Is it wrong for me to hope it drives a deeper wedge between her and Angel? I think both are just better apart.
I'm not sure that his line to Faith can really be blamed on his new found youth. He's been Giles throughout, except for the "I'll hold my breath till I turn blue" line. It may be wishful thinking, but fingers crossed he had a reason to hurt Faith like that.

Whistler's end was epic. It was a nice balance with Doyle's end too as both got wrecked with a bomb that would have destroyed millions.Makes you really hurt for Angel, losing his former mentor, then Faith leaves. The guy is really running low on friends.

It's gonna be a long wait till season 10.
I'm with you @apollo11 .... Whistler's 'loss of balance' doesn't really work with his Twilight plan... unless Whistler also fell under the influence of Twilight.
My main worry coming to the end of this season was "Where next for Angel?" He no longer has his LA family. No longer has W&H as an adversary. And after Giles was resurrected that was the end of his short-term purpose.

I had wondered if the magical deformities would be fixed by the end of the season, but I am glad they are not. I think there are so many story opportunities going to come out of this, and I am very excited to see where they take it.

Any one else think this may be the Buffyverses equivalent of "Agents of Shield"? A team helping a world affected by newly discovered super (magic) powers? I am hoping for a return to monster of the week storylines, with an over arching mythology arc.
This was one of the best series Dark Horse has done without Joss' direct involvement (I've been very disappointed w/the BtVS, Spike and Willow comics by Dark Horse). I enjoyed the whole story arc and I love the ending.

And I'm really glad Giles remains 12 years old because that is hilarious.
Depending on the extent to which IDW's After the Fall is canonical for Dark horse writers, Cordelia has been offically shown as apotheosized rather that deaddeaddead, so possibilities occur springing from what we've got here.
As much as I'm against bringing characters back from the dead, bringing back Cordelia would bring a surge of energy and excitement to Angel (and his series), especially in her role as a Power that Is.
Bringing back Cordelia is absolutely my dream.
I liked the final moments between Angel & Faith. The hug was nice and it's good to see that the series didn't put a wedge between them which was something I had feared. Their bond is strong, and this issue reinforced that.

Giles' comment to Faith aggravated me, as have a lot of things he has said since being back. I'm glad he's alive again, but I find him kind of annoying now. I have to assume that being a kid has affected his personality. His constant whining and callous comment to Faith strike me as very odd for the Giles we once knew, but fitting of an immature child.

Faith and Angel are pretty much back to where they used to be character-wise, a return to their roots I suppose. Faith is alone, and still not quite happy or at peace with herself. Angel is back to helping the helpless all by himself ala season 1 of his show. It was one big reset button, but I don't mind because of how it was all written. It all made sense.

I don't want to see Faith with Spike or Kennedy. I don't like Kennedy, and while I don't dislike Spike I'm certainly not a huge fan of the character. I don't like the idea of him with Faith. If she can't be with Angel, I'd rather see her alone for a while. Maybe she should have her own solo book and build up an ensemble cast like Angel did in his TV show. I think Faith needs that. Being alone is bad for her, and having a group of people who rely on her I think increases her sense of self worth. She's shown that she does have some leadership ability, unrefined though it may be. But then again, no one is a perfect leader in the Buffyverse. You learn as you go.

Going by her comments this issue though, she needs to do a little self discovery and soul searching before she can lead a team. Her going solo for a while is an interesting thought, as she'll basically be living the original life of a slayer. Faith seems desperately in need of a cause right now - as opposed to fighting for someone else's cause. Helping other slayers was something she got into, but that all kind of blew up in her face thanks to Angel. I feel like she is seriously in need of something to live for now, with everything that mattered to her (Giles, the slayers) being gone

It's a really sad issue for her the more I think about. It's a much better ending for Angel really. I'm kind of hoping we don't ever see Angel meet up with Buffy again, as I'm kind of tired of people's worlds revolving around her.
I really love this last issue of Angel & Faith!! It reaches a high level in my heart, next to Angel: After The Fall. And I love that the last image of Angel walking is similar too...

I'm really glad that Angel is back to himself. He has learned and has changed a little, but he is back to his philosophy "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do".

I'm sad that he's left alone again, even if I understand that Faith has her own journey to pursue. And Giles has to go back to Buffy. I really hope that whatever the season 10 will be, Angel will be rejoined with familiar faces. ( I so want Connor to be there and help him! )
Also, I really really hope that we will have a Buffy and Angel reunion soon... Whichever way!

Again, Big Thanks to C.Gage and R.Isaacs for their great work with Angel and Faith, that really interested me more than Buffy during this season 9!

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Bring back Cordelia! I'm happy Nadira didn't die. Ditto for Pearl. I never cared for Pearl & Nash, until I read their backstory, which I absolutely loved. I hope the
Fairweather sisters are in an Angel book, and I'd love to know more about them.

I'm glad Faith realized that she's so desperate for a good man and a father figure that she lets men take over her life. It bothered me in this series that she seemed to care more for Angel than herself and others. I have an idea for her: Why don't slayers help women who are being abused by men?

One reason I was so disgusted by the Billy Afterschool Special was that Buffy's world no longer notices male violence against women. It's not just gay boys who get harassed and attacked. When slayers patrol, couldn't they sometimes stop a human man from beating or raping some woman? They wouldn't have to kill them, just hold them until the police arrived. After all, they have contacts in the SFPD and that could lead to credibility with other police departments.

I'm wondering how many of these characters will jump into the Buffy finale. I'd love to see a book on Illyria and Spike (although I really miss Wesley and wish there was some way he could come back).

I've never liked Whistler and was glad to see him go, although I did love the look of his demon form.
Strangely enough, it was AtS and not BtVS which addresses the issue of male violence against women. See the first episodes of s1 ('In the Dark' and 'I Fall to Pieces').

As for BtVs and violence issue, it was wonderfully hinted at 'Chosen', when a young woman grabs the wrist of a man who's trying to slap her face, preventing him, while Buffy's voice-over "Every girl who could have the power... will have the power... can stand up, will stand up.".

I was touched at that time, but it was only an intentional misleading. There was not any female empowerment, just an activation of potential slayers. So, normal women will continue to be threatened by male violence and slayers will stand up against monsters.

Buffy didn't improve female strength, she did to other women what in other times was done to her, what she has always rejected:to be activated -chosen- without any possibility to say "no".

To be chosen instead of choosing.
Buffy gave those girls something the other slayers never ever had. A real chance at survival. No longer would one helpless girl be thrust into the scary and isolating chosen world of being THE slayer. Buffy gave them a support system to mirror her own. She shared all her resources and most importantly herself.
Agree with aradia,

Season 7 effectively ruined Buffy's character in a lot of ways(and season 8 sort of continued that), but inversely showed a lot of growth on Faith's part

in retrospect, I think there's a lot you can read into Faith's line when she first shows up back in Sunnydale. "Am I the good slayer now?"

I was actually surprised by how much Buffy struck me as the villain in the Fray arc when her and Melaka fought eachother. She just wasn't Buffy anymore

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Arcadia, great comment. I, too, loved that line in Chosen.

Here's what I don't understand: Activating potential slayers just gives them physical powers. It doesn't seem like they have to fight vampires, or anyone else. They could choose to have a normal life, but with better ability to move furniture and defend themselves. Isn't that true, or am I misunderstanding the mythos?

I understand the importance of women having control over their bodies. But it's hard for me to see the downside to having more physical strength. Too bad we didn't all get it.

I've long defended Joss as a feminist, but I'm getting a little turned off. After all this time, Buffy still seems like Ally McBeal, always questioning herself and insecure.
Precisely for that reason I was moved by that scene and Buffy's speech in Chosen. It seems a general feminine empowerment. Willow's magic gave a great amount of power in the form of physical strength to a great number of women. In doing so, their self-consciousness will be changed forever because they can go against whoever threatens their freedom and lives. And this is a powerful example and means a lot to other women.

The scene hinted that. And that moved me almost to tears. But, as I said before, it was intentionally misleading. While the scene and the speech showed normal women getting stronger in normal (!) human life, the writers meant potential slayers activate all over the world (not just the ones in the Hellmouth, who needed that power in front of a desperate battle, even young women totally unaware of what has been happening in Southern California and of what will happen to them because of that spell).

It seems both of us has misunderstood the mythos. Or, as I said before, we were intentionally misled.

You know, now that I'm writing it occurs to me a scene from 'Anne' (BtVS s3) that at the time disturbed me a lot. It was the scene when Buffy was serving coffee at the table and a man, gross and fat, put a hand on her buttock. Well, she did nothing. Shocked, I thought: "Wait, she can fight and defeat powerful demons, but when she is in a situation that - sadly - all women have had to face in their lives, she doesn't react?! What kind of empowerment is this?!
You know, now that I'm writing it occurs to me a scene from 'Anne' (BtVS s3) that at the time disturbed me a lot. It was the scene when Buffy was serving coffee at the table and a man, gross and fat, put a hand on her buttock. Well, she did nothing. Shocked, I thought: "Wait, she can fight and defeat powerful demons, but when she is in a situation that - sadly - all women have had to face in their lives, she doesn't react?! What kind of empowerment is this?!

I feel like you're missing the point of that scene, tbh. Buffy the Vampire Slayer would and has fought of unwanted sexual advances but in Anne Buffy was "so desperate to run away from who she was or whatever it was that she used to be" that she didn't fight back. It was meant to drive home the point that Buffy was in a really bad place.
Sorry, I have to disagree. Every woman has a gut reaction
when a sexual harassment occurs. If she doesnt' react it is only because of fear or cultural conditioning.I can hardly see a fighter like Buffy not to react instinctively.

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