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August 28 2013

25 heart-rending Buffy moments. Except the order is all kinds of wrong!

"But she doesn't love me" > everything.
Good list! As for the order, I don't think it's meant to be numbered in order of excellence. It looks to be chronological.
Oh, cra..Makes me wanna go on a rewatch spree
I'm sorry, but any list like this that only has Joyce dying at #18 - and doesn't include Buffy having to kill Angel to save the world at the end of Becoming AT ALL - is total bs.
I agree with Valentyn, it's in chronological order.
Except it's not at the start?
I'm glad to see "Forever" getting some love. I think it often gets overlooked because it immediately follows the brilliance of "The Body," but "Forever" contains some very powerful moments. Buffy tearfully asking "who's gonna take care of us?" just devastates me.

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Spike-centric list.

I don't agree with many of those "heartrending" moments. Spike killing his mother? The First/Cassie taunting Willow? Sad, maybe. But they don't compare to Buffy finding her mother's body on the couch and completely falling apart, or Giles going all Ripper on Angelus or Buffy stabbing Angel to close the portal...or sacrificing herself to save Dawn, and the world, and her friends gathering around her body...

Reading a couple of those made me choke up, but I think Buffy getting the Class Protector award is more a happy moment than a sad, especially the look of pride on Giles' face. I don't get a sense of "great grief or mental anguish" from it.

What about "Giles - I'm sixteen! I don't want to die!"??
Good list, but as always with lists, I would drop some and put in others.
Buffy's 'I don't want to die!" in Prophecy girl.
Buffy finding out what Giles did to her in Helpless.
Oz and Cordilia find Xander and Willow in Lover's walk (Not top of the list but there)
But most of all Buffy stabbing Angel, sending him to hell and then leaving Sunnydale.
What about "Giles - I'm sixteen! I don't want to die!"??

One of the GREAT early Buffy moments. That scene was one of the first in S1 to make you realize that this was more than just a fun TV show and was actually going to take you places you'd never imagined.
Man 13 gets me everytime
When my husband was out of town recently I rewatched the entire series. All of the mentioned choices are excellent and lump-in-throat worthy but I'll mention a few more that always get to me, both about Dawn.

In the Gift watching Dawn neatly place her clothes and shoes on and under the chair always makes me tear up, especially as that haunting music is playing in the background.

Dawn's snuggling up the the Buffybot in Bargaining is just heartbreaking. We all know she's missing Buffy dreadfully but that she is also aware that Buffy's initial feelings for her were just as manufactured as the Buffybot's were.
Aside from the shaky list-making, the article grants Danny Strong an Academy Award. So, congratulations Danny!

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Heck, after having watched the later seasons, 6 in particular, the "We're doomed" scene at the end of "I Robot, You Jane" is still one where I have to turn my head slightly away to keep it together!

Seriously, if you wnat to just let yourself go and cry even if you don't need to, BtVS , Angel taken together well it's like "IT wasn't thew airp[lanes, 'twas beuathy killed the beast," "My. . .white . . . plume," "How green was my valley then," "Shane, come back," and "Dad, c'mon, get up, we gotta go home" rolled into one.

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