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August 28 2013

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 9 #25. The season finale comes out on the 11th of next month.

The first page says "The core - part four"

Nice job guys.
Huh...I don't get SImone at all. I thought her whole goal was to be the one that kills Buffy. Now shes saying, "Theyre all yours Malakor!" First of all, lame sounding dialogue but also really out of character
Will be interesting to see how this all ends.Angel & Faith I thought stuck the landing(just read my copy).Buffy was the weaker title IMO but hopfully they do the same and stick the landing as well.
I'm so effin' excited for this issue it's not even funny!!! I have floved Season 9 from the get-go and am eagerly anticipating its climax.
Well, I like what I'm seeing. I can see Simone, with her new super vampness, wanting to get out of a certain death situation.
Simone is the kind of character with enough arrogance to think stabbing Buffy with the scythe was "good enough" and has now thrown her to the dogs to be finished off. At this point, she is more concerned with using her new power. I am hoping Simone's Slayer instincts end up leading her to commit suicide (as a Slayer's natural instinct is to kill vampires [plus it's a change of pace from how Big Bads are typically disposed of]).

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I can't wait for this issue. I don't think she'll retain any slayer instincts (if they even exist in her). It's human nature to help people, and it's instinctual do be disgusted with blood and guts. The average vampire goes against this, so it would make sense that she wouldn't keep her slayer instincts. It would be interesting to learn more about turned slayers, like to they still have slayer visions/memories.
Harth kind of answered the question of whether or not Sired slayers would retain their visions/memories (they do). It'll be interesting to see a full blooded slayer!vamp though.
This issue has a lot to resolve in 22 pages:

-defeating Simone
-Severin's fate
-saving (or not saving) Dawn
-Illyria's mystery
-the identity of Eldre Koh's jailer
-the return (or not) of magic

Please no cliffhangers! I can't wait that long!
@Watcherinthewoods. Sorry, but

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