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August 28 2013

Vote for Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof in the 'Most Chemistry' category of EW's summer movie poll. Support our favorite Shakespeare couple at Entertainment Weekly.

Wow, they really didn't like Kick-Ass 2, which I thought was a fun movie.
This movie poll just highlights for me how few movies I've seen this year, wow. But I voted for Amy and Alexis!
Man, I had some disputes with a few of the placements on good or bad there. (C'mon, the Pacific Rim trailer was pretty straightforward- "Robots punching monsters!" I loved that movie.) But votes cast.
long quiz, found alexis and amy all voted up:-)
Done! Nobody beats the Alexis/Amy chemistry. They should play a couple in at least one movie/TV show every year.

Yeah, I think I only saw 3 of the movies mentioned here. It reminded me I need to get out more. I usually wait until movies hit the cheap theaters so that's why I'm way behind everyone else.

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They're too young to do The Gin Game and not musical enough for I Do! I Do!, besides I'm holding out for Amber Benson and Josh Radnor to do that.

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All I see on that page is a lot of titles with "Poll closed" and one open poll. Can't they at least show these polls with the candidates and the results?
They won the poll!

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