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August 29 2013

Tim Minear chats about American Horror Story: Coven, Angel and Joss. Interesting insight in the differences between the Murphyverse and the Whedonverse.

That's a fine interview there, looking forward to the new season. I do hope at some point Tim latches onto an idea and gets his own very successful show, he's certainly earned it at this point.
Very excited for Coven. Can't wait.
Top of my fall TV anticipation list. I need to go marathon rewatch S2.

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American Horror Story didn't do much for me in the first season. It really was a mess, where they threw everything at the wall and just played in the muck of it all. I had a hard time getting through it.

But there was one episode toward the end of the season where I thought they had finally turned the ship around. It was the episode where you find out the neighbor boy had committed a school shooting. It was very well written and I finally got excited for the show, but it turned out to be just a one-off. After that the show just went back to being an incoherent mess and I lost interest again.

I declined to watch season 2 because I figured the show just wasn't for me. However, the subject of witches is exactly the story I always want to see more of in TV and movies. Especially if it's respectful to witches. There is so story to mine there, and almost nobody is tackling it anywhere

So I am very interested to see how AHS approaches this. I will also probably watch the entire season even if I end up disliking it. I do hope it's good though. I hope there's more focus and it has more narrative cohesion than season 1.
S1 is great. I love S1. It's got a much clearer through line than S2, in that S1 posed an objective and then answered whether or not that objective was achieved, and I'm still not sure S2 had that, but as I said I need to marathon S2 to see how it plays all in one go.

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I thought the first season was brilliant. Things that seem confusing early on are all explained later because the haunted house has very specific rules as to what happens when people die there (and what they can/can't do as ghosts). Actually, it's my favorite haunted house story (of all the ones I've seen). I didn't think season 2 was as good, but I missed a couple of those episodes and really need to see the whole thing to give it a fair assessment.

I'm really looking forward to Coven!
Expecting cohesion and focus from AHS is probably an exercise in futility. As Tim says in the interview, "It really is about taking away the logic on some level and getting right to the emotion of something." It just isn't ever going to be the type of show that works logically and methodically. Works fine for me. Except when it doesn't and that is okay too. I don't tell other people's art how it should behave. :)
If they actually manage not to "present tropes or cliches about witches that we might have seen elsewhere in popular culture", that will be an achievement.
"Poodle. Hitler. Sunglasses. Now make a story!"

Oh yes, there's a story in that...

Hitler stands on a deserted white beach, drenched in brilliant sunlight. His hairline is badly receded and his chin sags into wattles, but he still has the same prissy moustache. Pasty skin, pot belly, knobby knees, wearing nothing but ragged, baggy swimming trunks. The tide has receded, leaving his feet coated in sand and bits of seaweed. Beside him sits a white standard poodle, patient, unleashed, unconcerned. They wear matching blue mirrored sunglasses as they stare at the same point on the horizon.

"Able was I, ere I saw Elba IV," Hitler says.

The dog woofs softly, as if in agreement.

American Horror Story sounds like fun, Tim, and I believe I have a new show to watch.
About all I can say is: Hot Diggety, great interview. Bring on Season 3.
It wasn't that the narrative was confusing, it's that it was too messy. It's also possible that that's its own charm and it just doesn't work for me and that's totally fine. I'm not telling this show how to behave, just saying I tried to give it a chance and was disappointed.

Still giving season 3 a try but I'm prepared to be disappointed by that too. It's not the end of the world to me if that happens.

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