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August 29 2013

James Spader is Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. New casting info from Marvel.

James Spader? He needs to call me.
I suppose that sadly scraps the "Jarvis is Ultron" theories.
Unless, the voice change is part of the Jarvis corruption into Ultron, but now I'm stretching into the land of speculation. But having a voice change takes away a lot of power of that could've meant.
I don't know if it really scraps it. Maybe Tony models the Ultron AI after Jarvis and it has a different voice.
Surprising news.I assume he'll be doing motion capture for this.
A welcome addition to the Whedonverse I'd say, love Spader.
Whoops, posted in the second thread.

I'm in love with this casting news. Big Spader fan.
He was about the only interesting thing in Lincoln, this is good casting.
Woah! Spader is awesome. I am so happy with this casting news.

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From Welcome to the Hellmouth:

Cordelia: James Spader?
Buffy: He needs to call me!

So it all comes full circle! Congrats to James and Joss. I've always loved James Spader ever since Sex, Lies, and Videotape. He's just awesome. And we share a birthday. :)
It was always one of my wishes that Paul Bettany joins the Whedonverse for reals (can still happen!).

Spader is a great casting :D I can only imagine the Whedon dialogue he will get, the longer the better!

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I think he will be a great villain, found him creepy in S8 of The Office.
At the end of the film, he and Iron Man should get together with Scotch and Cigars and discuss the moral compass of what we've just watched. Before William Shatner wanders in and asks if he's been replaced. Run credits.
I know this doesn't need mentioning, but I love saying it. Hiddleston is one class act. Can't wait til Loki in Thor 2!

I love how so into the fandom he is.

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I could not be more thrilled. He is a brilliant choice. Steff is Ultron!
Great choice!
If the rumors are true that Ultron's backstory doesn't involve Hank Pym, I'm very disappointed with Joss.
This is exciting, he'll be able to play off of all the Avengers heroes beautifully. I've always been a big James Spader fan!
I couldnt care less about Hank Pym, and i have read Avengers all my life. I want a good story. And im sure Joss will deliver.
Interesting choice, I loved his work in Boston Legal =)
Am I the only person who, upon hearing that Pym wouldn't create this Ultron, didn't go "Jarvis is Ultron" but instead "Dummy is Ultron"? Come on. That makes so much more sense. Dummy is always the buttmonkey. Of course he'd rise up against his maker, given a major upgrade.
Jelly & electricspacegirl, that line was my immediate thought as well.

I can almost visualize the initial conversation between Mr. Spader and his agent, "So, you're going to play a villainous, time-traveling robot..."
Shame it's not JARVIS turning into Ultron. Paul Bettany would have been brilliant. Although I guess that would've made two camp British villains in a row...

I'm amazed no one has made a connection between Ultron being in the next film and Joss's creation of the characters DANGER on his run of Astonishing X-Men.

Or if anyone has they haven't made much noise about it. Seems to me if you want a fairly good idea about what Joss is gonna do with an unstoppable cyber humanoid then just read those comics!
Good point butterz! I need to go reread.

I'm pleased with Spader. He was my fav in Stargate.

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Personally I'm glad it's not Bettany. If they had used his voice it would have just been 'Evil Jarvis.' Whereas Ultron should be his own individual character. And Spader has a perfect voice for this type of role.

Plus they can still have it developing out of Tony's artificial intelligence. It could just be one that he builds for the government. (To assure them that they'll have a defence against alien invasions. Especially if he's of the mindset of giving up being in the suit..)
Glad to hear of this. James Spader is an incredible actor - SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE is still one of my favorite movies.
Well done, Joss. A fine move that you've made.
alan shore as a bad ass robot kinda makes sense, will give thumbs up to that joss!
Yes. Very yes. :D
TWoP states that:
...what's really surprising is that it's taken Spader this long to play a comic-book villain. The dude has been a grade-A onscreen creep since the late '80s, when movies like Less Than Zero pushed him onto a bad boy path that most recently led to his starring role as a Hannibal Lecter-style mentor on NBC's action-packed fall series The Blacklist. Considering his resume, he's the ideal choice to put Iron Man & Co. through their paces. Here are the future Ultron's five creepiest movie roles to date.

For the TWoP's trip down the James Spader memory lane, check out the article here.
I'm just glad that William Shatner is not going to be Ultron! (Although that might be good for some yucks...)

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