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August 29 2013

Alyson Hannigan speaks with Entertainment Weekly. As part of their HIMYM cover issue, Alyson talks about "Buffy", JJ Abrams, and Star Wars.

Aly in Star Wars. I can see it. Definitely.
I think she over-exaggerated the part about finding out from EW that Buffy was over. The final season was clearly planned to be the last one, so I'm guessing the cast knew well in advance.
Aly as Mara Jade! If Mara Jade was even going to exist any more, and the story timeline and her own age wouldn't make it all screwy. I bet she could rock that crap, too.
Wasn't she already in Star Wars? She played Darth Rosenberg trying to make some Jawa Burgers, if I recalled correctly. :P
always have a blast and giggle reading what alyson has to say, to think she and seth green were in, "my stepmom is an alien"
libradude ; Sarah announcded directly to the media well before S-7 started filming, so the cast memebers hadn't been briefed yet.
She announced it in the March 7th 2003 issue, Buffy Season 7 had aired its 16th episode at that stage.
I remember attending a Buffy Con in Cleveland about a year after the show ended. Nick Brendon confirmed that they all found out from the magazine, adding that it was a really shitty way to find out. I would be very curious to hear why they weren't included in discussions or at least informed before the freaking media. That has always bothered me.
Jeez! Will she ever be able to let that whole thing rest?! Maybe she should just have watched the show. I mean the first episode of season 7 brought back all the big bad guys leading towards the fight against the First Evil. Of course the show was heading towards its end. What did she thought was going to happen in season 8?

I've yet to read one single interview of SMG where she badmouthed a (former) co-star. Yet each time Buffy comes up AH uses it to take jab at SMG... I'm not even sure if she's doing that on purpuse or isn't aware that she always causes quite a stir with her remarks.
Just watch this interview from last May, you can see Alyson has a lot of respect for Sarah. I think people get way too upset about the SMG and Alyson thing, they want them to be best friends like their characters, but that was probably never the case.

That being said, I've always found weird that the cast wasn't officially told earlier about the show ending.
temponaut: Maybe she's the type (I know I am, since I was much younger than she is) to repeat the same stories. Plus, the reporters seem to ask it. (Guess I should erase my fantasy of Aly and Johnny Galecki making a guest shot on the Crazy Ones *grin.)

Simon: Thanks for the clarification - I was living in a shelter at the time so hard to keep track of things in the same order as everyone else. (Although, I have to wonder how much lead time elapsed between Sarah's interview and the print date, and leaks.)
temponaut: Just because all the big bads were there doesn't mean it was obviously the last season. In retrospect, it might seem that way, but if the show had ended with season 5, you could say that Buffy's quest to understand being a "Slayer" was hinting that it was the last season. Joss has said that he treated every season like it was the last, in case they got cancelled. The only year they KNEW they were coming back was the end of Season 6 because they had a 2-year deal with UPN.

And I don't think Aly was badmouthing Sarah. She was just relating her experience with HIMYM going into its final season vs Buffy. It's natural that she'd contrast the 2 experiences.
Going into season seven, I was under the impression that it would be the last one.

I don't think the ending had been officially announced, but the writing was on the wall. The "big bad" of the season was the First Evil, eg. Satan, the biggest bad of all. It was the last season contracted by UPN. I even seem to recall some comments from Joss that indicated he was ready to end it. I never actually thought an eighth season was a possibility.
Quote from a Joss Whedon interview when he was promoting Serenity:

"There was a whole thing about it being in Entertainment Weekly and the crew wasn’t informed and everybody was unhappy, and I was just like, ‘There was somebody who didn’t know?’ Some of the actors were upset and I said, ‘You guys I’ve talked to specifically about this.’ The crew I actually went and apologized to. I said, ‘I don’t know how this isn’t already public knowledge and I apologize if you guys felt the carpet pulled out from under you.’ But I kicked the actors off set before I did it because they knew."
Thanks for that quote alien. The final season of Buffy was CLEARLY structured to be the final one early on.
James Marsters said at a con once that it was obvious the show wss ending that year.
I absolutely adore Aly, she's just a wonderful actress. I was a bit disappointed when she decided to turn to comedy, I felt she was much more effective in drama. Yet, that was her desire and she did very well with, "How I met your Mother". I've never watched the show, but I did keep track of our Alyson.

Now, that this show is coming to an end, maybe we'll get our wish and see her what she does best, a juicy drama! Whatever the case, I always wish her well and hope she breaks a leg.
I agree that I think the line blurs and some people think of the ensemble and expect "life long cadre of dedicated best friends" like their characters, instead of "fond acquaintances who might have been really close while they worked together and are nice to see but mostly are just people you stay in touch with and wish well for", which is what I expect is closer to the reality of it.
Actually it's interesting to try to figure who out of whom maintain actual friendships, since soem apparently do.

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