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August 30 2013

Quantum Mechanix presents 1:6 Scale Malcolm Reynolds Prototype. The figure, sculpted by Trevor Grove, depicts a younger Malcolm Reynolds at the battle at Serenity Valley. There's no release date or price yet.


Gorgeous, but at 10 pounds and over 16" tall, that's gonna cost a pretty penny!, totally Mal.
I can already see my money waving goodbye to me.

I love Trevor's work: I have his Angel, Faith and Willow statues from Sideshow and soon I'll also have Indy. Can't wait for more info on Mal :)
Of course, that's not what Mal looked like at Serenity Valley.
Well, now, One True b!X, we don't know when in the battle of Serenity Valley the Quantum Mechanix Mal is supposed to be. To me it looks like the start of the battle, before all the serious fighting starts.
But he was a solider, regardless. He would not be in plain, old civilian smuggler clothes. And it says "at the height of the battle of Serenity Valley", so we do know, roughly, when.

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He nailed the likeness! Every time I see one of those cartoony statues, I always hope for a more accurate portrayal but this is just perfect. Kudos to Mr. Grove.

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