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March 04 2004

Dushku's Bad Luck With Bags

Does anyone else get Not authorized to view story "{insert title here)" every single time they visit the site or am I special?

The original article is at here if anyone else has the same problem. At least I'm assuming it's the same one, unless there's some extremely weird coincidence with the title.
Is it weird that they still refer to her as "former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, Eliza Dushku"? She does have a show that's been picked up for a second season...
At least we know that Fox is paying her enough to do the POS that is Tru Calling- I mean it's at least enough to buy 2 sets of Louis Vuitton luggage....
OMG - Having been mugged before I feel for her and to have it done by the limo driver **shivers**. Thank god they left her alive at least, and no permanent physical damage. I get chills just thinking about what could have happened. Yikes! As for Miami the are one of the most notorious cities for tourist thefts she should have been more careful, but again thankfully no one was hurt and most items can be replaced.
....Yeah but not enough to buy three sets, Hawk.

It's actually beneficial for a frequent traveller to buy cheap looking furniture. It's the expensive looking stuff that gets the attention of thieves. Make the outside look cheap and you could keep diamonds in there. Of course, Dushku's very presence indicates money. As for being shanghai'ed by her own limo driver? Sounds like somebody needs to stop saying okay to anyone who offers her a limosine. There should be some way to track the guy so she can get her stuff back. By any chance has there been any hubbub about fans pooling their money together and buying Dushku a new set of fine quality luggage? I just think that'd be a better use of fan funds than advertisements in Variety, or postcards to the WB.
Glad to see your joining the negativity bandwagon there Zach - I doubt if she said ok to anyone with a limo. I have heard of stuff like that happening in other cities it seems to be a scam planned by valets at hotels or at least that is what has been proven in other similars cases accross the country. The person wlould request a car or cab and the valet would check to see what room they had and then would place a call to an acompliss and that gut would then show up pick up the person and then do a dump and swipe, thankfully most of them are simplely left standing on the side of the road but there was at least one inciddent a few years back where the person being robbed fought back and was run over by the thief - I think it was in Vegas that time.
Why didnt she just make with the Slayerness and waste the driver? I know she has some problems hurting people since she did kill the Mayors Assistant, or Deputy, or whatever that guy was, but that was an accide...

Oh, that was a show... right. Sorry.

Well why didnt she just go back a day and change getting into the limo in the fir... nevermind.
Though I've never wanted a Louis Vuitton bag, I can empathize... my car radio was stolen twice in the past three months & guess what CD went with it both times. Yup. BTVS the Album. Just bought copy #3 & made a backup :-)
I just wanted to add that when Eliza was on the Sharon Osbourne show, and shared these stories, Sharon presented her with a new Louis Vuitton bag donated by the main Vuitton store I think... exactly like one of the bags that was stolen.

The benefits of being a star... You mention a brand name, they send you free stuff.

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