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September 02 2013

The Avengers has won a Hugo! It won for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form. Sadly this means The Cabin In The Woods did not win. The link goes to the livestream for now.

Steven H. Silver accepted on Joss's behalf and the first word in the very short acceptance speech was "Shiny."
I adored that.
It was a nice touch.
Full Hugo winners list.

Brian K. Vaughn won one, too (Best Graphic Story).
I forget that Serenity won the same Hugo as well.
If you look at that category, it was a tough competition, since the list of nominees also included Looper and Hunger Games. Big win for Joss, Marvel and The Avengers
And in his acceptance speech, Martin said we're in a golden age for science fiction and fantasy on screen.

We are??
He must mean that we're seeing more sci-fi movies being made compared to previous years. Whether they are good movies is another matter.
Shiny indeed. And a year where we got both "Avengers" and "Cabin," let alone a lot of other fine things, seems golden enough for me.
I actually think the wrong movie won -- "Cabin" is far the better film, to my mind, in terms of construction and significance -- but I'm delighted that it was a contest between two Joss works.
I thought both Cabin and Avengers were deserving. I do wish that Lionsgate had been in position to release Cabin a year earlier (the movie was ready to go, after all) - then perhaps Joss could have had back-to-back winning years.

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