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September 01 2013

Much Ado About Nothing grosses over $5 million World Wide Box Office. For some reason, you have to do the math yourself to add up the Foreign total.

Domestic: $4,262,205
Foreign: $821,961
World Wide: $5,084,166

Still screening in the US and other countries and hopefully will screen in lots of other countries.

Much Ado reminds me of the Duracell bunny. And it's still going! weeeeee! Awesome.
I thought it hit five million last week, but it's certainly official now. Remember, it's available "On Demand" in three weeks, and DVD next month. That should be good news to those who didn't get a chance to see it in theaters.
Dear Joss,

You can clearly do just about anything you want now. After Avengers 2, maybe it would be a good time to check back in with our friends in the verse. Wouldn't you like to see what they are up to after all this time? I know I would. (Hit the gym Nate!)
I'm happy that the movie has probably made back it's micro-budget by now - even with the distributor's share taken out. There's probably enough for Joss to even pay his troupe a little something - and there'll be more from dvd sales. OTOH, Branagh's film made over 4x the box office 20 years ago. I'm not sure what that means, but I really think Joss' film is the better of the two (because it fixes the character inconsistencies in Branagh's version); so I'm not happy that obviously far fewer people have seen it - probably just us and a small number of Shakespeare enthusiasts (high school English teachers).
Seeing how many countries havent got the movie in their theaters at all, i bet the dvd sales will be quite large.
Five million dollars is a nice, round number. It's a nice, big number, too. I hope it's enough for a down payment on a castle in Elsinore.
And apparently it will NEVER come out in Portugal.
Given that Ken Branagh's version had huge movie stars (including the Batman of the day) and a multi-million dollar budget, I'd say it actually underperformed compared to Joss' movie.
You could say that, and I'm sure it helped Branagh to have at least three huge stars in his film. However, and I'm not going to do the math, if you also account for ticket price inflation over 20 years, the difference is actually even greater. What's disappointing to me about that is our little group of unknowns did a better job all around, but very few people actually saw the movie to take note of it. I went three times and dragged along a "guest-age" with me every time. The only person they recognized was Nathan - and all remembered him from Castle, not Firefly. Maybe I just have the wrong friends.
I wish a movie I made in my house on vacation made 5 million.
As I keep telling everyone, there are now only 66,491 more weeks until "Much Ado" passes "The Avengers" box office.
People say I'm crazy, but we'll see who is laughing on May 8th, 3292.
The sad thing is that's like 1/6th of Serenity's box office total.
closer to 1/8, no need to short change it more than it already is :(
I'm very disappointed at the distributor's choices for programming Much Ado in Rio. In the first week it was showing in 4 theaters that are relatively close to one another. Now in the second week it's in only two locations that are very popular but very isolated, with one screening a day each in the middle of the afternoon. Guess I'll miss out on Much Ado on the big screen.

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