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September 02 2013

Channel 4 in UK to air Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. three days after US. It starts Friday September 27th.

9pm presumably? Didn't Sky used to show Buffy and Angel on a Friday night?
I was worried that C4 would take too long to show each episode after the US. Ideally it would be the day after (I believe Sky Atlantic showed Game of Thrones the day after for season 3?) Three days is just about quick enough to stop me seeking it out by other means. Just hope it's the same for the rest of the Brits....

PS: September 27th is also my 25th birthday. This is a good omen.

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Friday would not have been my choice, but oh well.
Channel 4 will be showing it in HD. Channel 104 on Freeview.
Great news. I usually watch shows on demand anyway so I'll most likely be watching this the following morning on 4oD. Excited!
C4 I salute you even if the constant ad breaks will no doubt be annoying the short gap is very good indeed.
The good news is that the Agent of SHIELD DVD will be out in the UK in November. *ahem*

From the writer of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel comes Nick Fury's action-packed adventure!.
I'll never *really* understand why Friday is such a TV hotspot in the UK.
They go to the pub afterwards.
tiny little jig hope channel 4 doesn't do a murdock!
Three days to avoid spoilers. I can do it. I really can.

But it will probably clash with HIGNFY or QI. Possibly both. Aaaargh!

I hope it's on late enough that they don't cut it to shreds as they did to AtS.
If it's on at 9pm, there's Channel 4+1 so you could watch it at 10pm. But that wouldn't be in HD, I think.
They will put it on at 5pm and cut it to shreds. Still remembering the Angel debacle.
bivith, that is my greatest fear.
They're not going to put in the "Come Dine With Me" repeat slot as the much coveted ABC demographic won't be watching at that time. It'll be on at the same time as the US dramas get shown on Sky i.e. 8pm or 9pm. Also it's been 10+ years since Angel aired on Channel 4, they've learnt how to package US shows properly since then.

And as one Channel 4 duty editor tweeted to us (after a snarky Whedonesque tweet) "We won't fuck it up. Not on my watch."
cant wait to see it
Btw Orphan Black will be on Friday nights as well in the UK, odds on in the same timeslot. That'll be an interesting head to head.

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