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September 03 2013

Chris Hemsworth talks about his new movie 'Rush'. The James Hunt biopic comes out later this month.

Interesting, it is opening for us next week, will plan to check this out.
Definitely going to see this one.
Hemsworth makes a great Thor, but I've been wanting to see him in roles offering more range.

The article didn't mention Cabin In The Woods, made before Thor but released late for reasons we've all heard. He was quite charming in that role & Joss's commentary points out his star quality was evident in the rushes...
He certainly has on-screen charisma and can play the hero to the hilt. In Cabin, even when I knew what was going to happen, his speech before trying the motorcycle jump still gave me hope that he would make it.
Seeing this in a couple of hours time at a free screening :)

update - oh, and it is very good. The two leads are excellent and the time just flies by. Be warned there are a few scenes not for the squeamish!

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One of my most anticipated films of the year... Love me some Ron Howard, Peter Morgan, and Chris Hemsworth!

Hopefully this film will give him the acting credit he deserves :D

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