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September 03 2013

Den of Geek discusses: The geek credentials of How I Met Your Mother. Lot's of Joss love in here.

This is the only non-whedon show I've ever been obsessed with, with the possible exception of sons of anarchy and game of thrones. I didn't get into it much until I watched from the beginning, then man was I hooked. The thing I love about this show is that the friendship and familial bond between the characters feels so real and fun; the exact same feeling that makes me love firefly and buffy so much. The friendship between buff, xander and willow in the high school years feels so similar to himym for me. Just a group of friends chilling in the library or at mclarens. 'Anywhere but here' from 'The Dark Age' feels like a scene from either show.
And as I've mentioned before, I've promised Amber, Emma, and Miracle that I would stop grousing over none of them getting cast as the Mother.

Actually, I considering, in my "Ice Age Buffy" ficverse of pushing both this show and BBTh back about a decade and having their characters in the little post-apocalytic surviviors' colony thsoe stories are set in. (I even have a story idea where Lily visits Tara to pick up some herbs and spices -Willow's whereabouts being currently unknown, and assumed Dark- and they almost kiss.)

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