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September 03 2013

Tim Minear featured as writer of American Horror Story on Sundance Channel's The Writer Room. Tim Minear explains he bought into Ryan Murphy's vision of a horror television show once he learned that all of the characters would be killed after the first season.

I think your description is both spoilery and also kind of inaccurate. Plus the "Angel", "Firefly" thing is unnecessary, imo.

Sorry for being Complain Man right now.
Was just going to watch the first season, it was certainly spoilt for me. Well, well, many other shows to watch on dvd.
@OldSwede Well, that's the part that is inaccurate as the characters aren't "killed," but instead the seasons are all completely self contained stories and settings. Like an anthology series. There is no narrative link between S1, S2 or S3. So this didn't spoil any plot points for you. It's still worth watching. Of course there are always characters that die at some point, though.
Can moderators change the wording of this from 'killed' to 'changed'? The current description comes off as spoilery as has been noted.
The description is what Minear said in the episode. He has also said this before when discussing American Horror Story.

I believe Whedonesque's spoiler policy is that information about plot is considered a spoiler if it is posted before the episode airs. As Minear was talking about the end of Season 1 (and what Murphy told him on the first day of the job) and AHS is about to premiere its 3rd season I don't find his concept discussion spoilery.

Also, in television much of watching is about the journey and not just an ending.

That's all I have to say.

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Thanks D-e-f-, and no problem Tausif, I realize the years have gone by.
Tausif, That's all well and good if we're talking about a Joss Whedon project. This is a Whedon community so it's assumed that as fans we keep up with his work, but posting spoilers about other shows he's not in charge of isn't so great in my opinion. It assumes that everyone else here watches that show (many don't, but may).
There is an unofficial period of grace for non-Joss shows in regards to what happened but that would be only for a month or two at best. Given that it's now two years since AHS Season 1 aired, what Tausif said is fine. If anyone wants to discuss this, please do feel free to email me.
My main concern is posting any type of non-Joss show spoiler in the DESCRIPTION of a link (no matter how old). Now if the person actually clicks the link, they should know what they're getting into. Apparently that's not a concern of the moderators though, so that's just my two cents on the matter.

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As I said, do have the courtesy to email me.
As this is a discussion community, I think it's a topic worth having a forum about rather than two people deciding for everyone through an email. The decision has already been made though, so I'll respect it.

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