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September 04 2013

TV Guide's Sneak Peek: Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to TV in The Crazy Ones. SMG shares her thoughts on being asked to sing in the pilot episode.

"I barely survived Buffy's musical episode," Gellar says. "If you ask me to sing badly, that I can do well. But here they said, 'You're going to sing, and you're going to do it with Kelly Clarkson.' I'm like, 'Wait. What?'"

"return to TV" ... didn't she just "return" last year? :)
That was what some might call an attempted return.
Well, since that's over with, she is returning . . technically.

Her singing wasn't that bad (keeping in mind I'm no critic) in "OMWF," except for atrocities committed against some of the innocent whole notes - would hate to hear her try to sing a breve.
Hope its better than Ringer. I mean, it HAS to be better than Ringer, right?
Ringer had Sarah Michelle Gellar, which is the sole reason I watched what, by all my other television standards, I would consider trash. I'm hoping this is much more deserving of her time and talents.
Robin Williams and SMG are also on the cover of the upcoming TV Guide issue.
SMG is always so critical of her singing. She's much better than a lot of actors really.
She's often her own worst critic - she dislikes Simply Irresistible because she felt she was miscast. I'm no critic to judge that, but really, what was she expecting? It was just a sweet, slight romantic fantasy-comedy - it would never have been a great memorable film even if it had been made in 1931 with Jean Harlow and Jimmy Stewart. It's not like she let the audience down.

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Yeah, I think Sarah's main career problem hasn't been her own shortcomings, but other than BtVS, she's had very few good vehicles to allow her to show her true abilities.

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