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September 04 2013

Cookie Monster learns a lesson from Tom Hiddleston. Loki schools Cookie Monster on the importance of delayed gratification.

Ok, I can kind of see why everyone finds him so charming now.
I've always found Cookie Monster to be charming, not just now.
At the beginning I thought it was going to be about sharing. Ok then, guess not.
Delayed gratification and Tom Hiddleston. Yep. Fandom isn't going to take that silently lol.

Adorable charming long-worded man. I hope there's more to this!
So adorable! And Mr. Monster ain't so shabby either. :D
Cookie is my favorite Muppet after Beaker.
For those who would like to see the accompanying song "Me Want It (But Me Wait)" (Cookie Monster only, no Tom Hiddleston), here is the YouTube link:
electricspacegirl said:

Cookie is my favorite Muppet after Beaker.

I also love in the video, when Tom sees Cookie Monster approaching, the way he says, "Hey, man." :)
OMG there's a song? This whole thing is just too wonderful.

It reminds me of the days of special guest stars on the Muppet Show.
tooo cute, but didnt mrs obama have a word with cookie monster about self control and diet cookies.
fyi my favourite muppets are Oscar the grouch, cookie monster and animal!
Agree, the "hey man" is pretty awesome. Awwwww I love cookie monster. I still feel bad about that time he lost he cookie at the disco.
I always liked Rolph the most since he was a regular on the old Jimmy Dean Show. My daughter of course was in the Elmo generation (I even used to do a neat imitation of Elmo, Barney too, for her.) My niece was aprt of the original Sesame fans and one time addressed me as "You Cookie Monster, you!"

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