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September 05 2013

Watch the Dollhouse panel at Dragon Con 2013. It's really good. Eliza, Tahmoh and Miracle were on top form.

I was at DragonCon and must say, though I already knew Miracle was beautiful, I didn't realize she was THAT beautiful. Gorgeous and with an infectiously happy personality.
I saw her on a general Whedonverse panel with Nick Brendon and Kristine Southerland and she was very funny.
And for some inexplicable reason when I saw Kristine Southerland for the first time, I started crying.
I miss this show. I was deleting stuff on my FB page last weekend and ran across a post that said
"Season 2 premiere of Dollhouse in 30 minutes! Woot!"
Made me sad to read that old post.
"Delcome to the Wallhouse", perhaps, for Tahmoh's t-shirt?

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Great panel! Love those people.
Great panel! Didn't know how funny and cute Tahmoh is before. I didn't like him as Ballard for the most of the run, but I love him as a person now. Boy, we have great people on our verse!

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