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September 06 2013

Tom Hiddleston joins Guillermo Del Toro's "Crimson Peak". He will replace Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie begins filming in 2014.

Interesting. Anyone heard why Benedict pulled out?
Some people think it is because Cumberbatch may be in Star Wars instead. All just rumours though.

Delighted to see Tom in a Del Toro film!
Love del Toro -- he, along with Joss and Miyazaki, are my holy trinity of great fantasy/horror gods currently working in the televisual medium (though with news that Miyazaki is retiring....).
Sometimes I wonder what would happen to Tumblr if those two were in the same movie.
Oh they've already been in the same movie, in Spielberg's War Horse.
That one has passed me by on Tumblr. You'd think there would be more gifs of that floating about the place.
Funny. I loved everyone involved in this project and was depressed when Cumberbatch exited. So I actually told my friends, "The only person on earth who they could cast that wouldn't be a downgrade would be Hiddleston".
Del Toro and Hiddleston?

I'd buy that for a dollar.

I mean, I love, love, love me some Tom Hiddleston.

(I don't know what the buzz is about Cumberbatch. Man doesn't do anything for me.)
Hey elf, have you watched Sherlock?
I think most of the goodwill for Cumberbatch comes from his performance in that show... He's brilliant.
My admiration for Benedict was cemented with his role as Stephen Hawking in the 2004 BBC biopic Hawking. And...but of course...the BBC radio serial Cabin Pressure. Airplanes and hilarity. What's not to like?
Oddly enough, on Thursday night I saw both Benedict and Tom. :) Separate red carpets at TIFF.
Tom Hiddleston On His Friendship With Benedict Cumberbatch And Replacing Him

Tom actually called Benedict before he said yes.

I'm so happy he's part of the Whedonverse.
Great to see Cabin Pressure mentioned! Love that show and Benedict's wonderful performance on it.

Also think he's excellent in Sherlock. Quite liked Parade's End and his role in that too (although I wouldn't recommend that anywhere nearly as warmly as Cabin Pressure or Sherlock).

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