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March 04 2004

WB appears 'Help'-less to improve "What's going on at WB? Once the hip home of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek (before the former skipped to UPN and the latter became a punch line),Now it's dumping Angel. When One Tree Hill is your hallmark of hipness, you've got troubles."

Hee hee! Just loved this article! This is the quality television that the WB is offering up to us!

That's the funniest article I've read in a while. "The Help" does look truly awful though.
OMG - I loved this line - It wastes Tori Spelling's "talent." - thanks I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.
Tori Spelling doesn't need talent - she's got daddy! I'm surprised they didn't dye her hair black and make her a Charmed sister!
Oh don't give them any ideas. However, that is why I was laughing so hard - cause she has n talent other than being the daughter of AS and she had nothing to do with that.
Muahahahaha. That's hilarious. And exactly what the WB deserves. Here's hoping there's more articles like this to come.
I got why you were laughing - I couldn't resist a dig at Tori's "talent" myself. I so enjoyed this article!
May this article mate with another hilariously negative article about the WB (we've got to find another one - stat), spawning a vast army of negative articles that overruns the country!
Personally, I am offended at *all* your implications of Ms. Spelling's talent. I mean, I totally want to lick whatever it was that the guy spread on her (non-existant) chest in that commercial. "You're just a nummy treat" Tori!

*hacks up furball* NOT!

Oh god, that show really does look dreadful. Seriously, is Levin intentionally trying to scuttle the ship?
Maybe Levin is just over worked and he is not getting enough oxygen to his brain - after all he is now doing the job of 2 executives and soon 3. Since I think this may be Kellers last month - if he hasn't left already. Maybe we should re-focus our efforts and kill Levin with kindness. :)
Or maybe Levin's got a darker purpose, like he's part of some anti-culture terrorist cell, seeking to spread mind-numbing offal over American airwaves until the country is stupefied into submission.
Keller is leaving, eh? Let's just go for the trifecta then! Out Out Levin! Let us purge, let us cleanse! *waves hands emphatically*

I can't imagine that Levin WILL have a job after next season's shows start. I do not see any possible way for the WB's ratings to go UP with the trash they're putting on. It's not going to be enough to offset the mildly tolerable shows they have (Smallville, Gilmore Girls).

*cough* Phlebotinin, isn't that what Dubya is for? *cough*

Sorry, couldn't resist the urge to type that.

And on to more innocuous topics, I had no idea "offal" was pronounced (long) O-fal. I always thought it was "off-all". I sat there giggling like a dork when Amy Acker said that word the other night. Comes from being an English major I guess. Just not a word that gets used enough nowadays - OFFAL!


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"Or maybe Levin's got a darker purpose, like he's part of some anti-culture terrorist cell, seeking to spread mind-numbing offal over American airwaves until the country is stupefied into submission."

And then he takes over the world by broadcasting his true self, Jasmine, on the airwaves while he has his minions deliver him happy meals on legs.

[ edited by blwessels on 2004-03-05 07:08 ]
By George, blwessels, I think you've got it! I'm scared silly now.
And then he takes over the world by broadcasting his true self, Jasmine, on the airwaves while he has his minions delivery him happy meals on legs.

In that case, I hope when he eats me that I give him a righteous case of gas. He
Maybe it's simpler. Maybe Levin is a plant by the other networks to make the WB tank. Maybe his resume is something like:

park pooper scooper

toilet scrubber

plumber's apprentice

head plumber at NBC

President of WB!!!

Hey, it would explain his deep love of crap!
Haha...Oh, how I never tire of the Levin bashing. I think that'd be awesome if all of the new WB shows tanked and they found themselves wallowing in a ratings pit below UPN next season. A boy can dream. I'll most likely avoid all the new shows the WB has to offer and only tune in for Gilmore Girls.

May Levin forever rue the day he cancelled Angel!
I second that! And the way things are going, Mr Levin may face some trouble ahead. Hehe wish I could say to him what Lorne said to Eve....'If I had YOUR future ahead of me?..(we all know the rest)

And yeah funny article. Tori Spelling....*shiver*. I remember laughing my head off when they said way back when that her daddy had nothing to do with her career. 'She auditioned for 90210 like everyone else'. Bwah ahahaha haha

Ahh, never gets old, that one.
OMG - Anybody going to the GrandSlam convetion in Passedena in March you need to check this out and report back ....Tentatively set for Saturday: Kevin Burns and Jon Jashni of Synthesis Entertainment will preview the new Lost In Space TV project (being co-helmed by John Woo and written by Doug Petrie) that will be a pilot for the WB. They may have some footage (not confirmed at this time) and some surprises TBA.
Leave nearby but probably not going to be there. We should keep our eyes open for word on it afterwards though.

Man if I actually like that show it will be the biggest surprise since....well a really long time. I hated every incarnation so far. Nothing against Doug, he wrote some primo stuff for ME but.....grnf.

Well Sunday at the Grandslam is almost all Angel day .... I may have to fly out for this ... heaven help me.



10am to Noon at The Sheraton Hotel's Justine Room. Featuring Chilled Orange Juice, Breakfast Pastries, Fresh Brewed Starbucks Coffees and Tazo Teas, Country Style Farm Fresh Scrambled Eggs, Maple Smoked Bacon and Link Sausage or Country Ham, Cottage Fries. In person: "hang" with ANDY HALLETT (Lorne of the hit series ANGEL), MERCEDES McNAB (Harmony Kendall of ANGEL), ROBIA LA MORTE (Jenny on BUFFY), IYARI LIMON (Kennedy of BUFFY), MARK LUTZ (Groosalugg on ANGEL) JAMES LEARY (Clem of BUFFY) and JULIE BENZ (Darla of BUFFY). Bring your camera for the fun! Extremely limited attendance.

Anyone one else see the irony of having a breakfast get together for a show about creatures of the night.

[ edited by RavenU on 2004-03-05 10:00 ]
Mmmm....I love me some Groo.....
Would have loved to see Spike's reaction to him!

We live near Pasadena too, but probably not going to go. Last year James Marsters was there, and we didn't go, but thought, "Oh, then he probably shows up to a lot of conventions, we'll catch him at a different one." Cute how naive we were. Apparently he's only doing 2 cons this year. Guess I'll just have to catch him with his band....

But still...Groo....mmmm....
Frankly, the world is just strange enough these days to see Levin replaced by....

...Michael Eisner.
bookrats - don't even joke about that **shudders** :}

Rogue - if you get the chance I would suggest going if you can -you will not be disappointed - Mark, Andy, and James L are some of the funniest guys you could ever hope to meet - and even though I am a Marsters fan I would probably pick going to see them over him. I'm glad I got a chance to see them. And what better way to show your support than to go and help congradulate Andy, Mark, and Mercedes on a job well done this season as well asthrough out the series, not to mention hey it's a few hours on Sunday you can kill and general admission is only $30 dollars for the day. I think that's cheaper than some amusement parks and how many opportunities to see these guys in person are really left. I mean if they move off to other projects non-sci-fi related they might have the tme to do conventions anymore. Oh and if the guys are on the stage together I would suggest taking oxygen cause you may be laughing so much that you wont be able to breath. :)

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