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September 08 2013

Casting a hypothetical Joss Whedon Hamlet. Two fans talks about which Whedonverse actors they'd like to see in such a movie.

On the weekly Twitter Whedony chat, one person (@pointy07) put forth the idea of a Sarah Michelle Gellar Hamlet. THAT is a casting idea I haven't been able to shake from my mind.

I'm still putting NPH and Fillion on reserve as Sir Andrew and Sir Toby for the Twelfth Night I want Joss to do.
I was reading this, shaking my head that Hiddleston wasn't among their Hamlet picks, until he came from behind. He and ASH are perfect, but I think that Polonius should be an older man. I always figured he had married a much younger woman, hence the teenaged daughter and the son in University.
I think Enver would make a good Laertes.

I enjoyed their earlier take on Much Ado as well.

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I don't know if I can see Tom Hiddleston and Summer Glau together...

But my dream cast for this has always been Tom Hiddleston and Amy Acker... They would be INCREDIBLE together as Hamlet and Ophelia!!!
WhatsAStevedore, I would really like to see James Marsters as Sir Anthony Aguecheek. I think he could do the pathos wonderfully, as well as hitting the comedy note perfectly. Though he could also do an interesting Malvolio...
Interesting how, while deliberating choices for Gertrude, they say there aren't many older women in the Whedonverse to choose from, when the NYT profile mentions the casting of Ming-Na Wen as being one motivated by the desire to include an older woman (though what she woulld bring to the material is currently unknown since SHIELD hasn't premiered yet). Their strong opinions on Dollhouse also seem to have blinded them from the other most obvious choice: Olivia Williams.

Gonna have to make a note to myself to not let myself wade into the fray of their next piece...
Olivia Williams would be perfect as Gertrude -- they tentatively bring it up, but then dismiss in their desire to reunite Giles and Joyce?

Otherwise, I really like their final cast list AND their Much Ado article was delightful.
I have to admit, I actually join them in preferring Sutherland to Williams as Gertrude... My reading of Gertrude has always been that she was unaware of the murder of her husband, and I think Sutherland would play that better. Plus, casting Brits fir the entire royal family would leave me wondering why any parts are being played by Americans!

However, their comments on Dollhouse left me a bit cold... Not only do I think it's the most underrated Whedon show BY WHEDON FANS, but 'Dushku was miscast' shows a woeful ignorance of how that show came to be... (eg, it was Dushku that got HIM involved in the project).
Joss said that in his Shakespeare readings at his house, Alexis Denisof played Hamlet & Amy Acker Ophelia.

Jeez, what I wouldn't have given to have seen those performances on film!
I would like it if someone played the role of Hamlet that we'd never expect. Sure someone like Alexis could play the role. But what about Alan Tudyk? We only see him as comic relief guy. Or totally twisted and evil (yet still funny!) guy. I want to see him straight up brooding and dramatic. I think he could kill it.

Or Enver as Hamlet and Dichen as Orphelia.

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Let's not forget that a lot of the performers are older than when they were last in Whedon projects. Gina Torres could be a great Gertrude.
Shapenew: Gina, or maybe Phina Oruche, who's always forgotten. I find it hard to see Kristine in Shakespeare.

Jas: I've had similar fly-on-the-wall-with-a-video-camera feelings- not surprising for me it was hearing about J. and Amber as Othello and Desdemona.

Casting Fillion in small parts to juice up already name-heavy productions has already been done and ignores his established-star status. Plus, while he's probably too old now to be Jonas Cord in a Carpetbaggers remake, I'd still like him available for Andy Taylor in a Mayberry movie, with Kristine as Aunt Bea.

Also recoil from Alexis as Horatio, as great as he'd be - the actor should be more age-peer to the Hamlet actor.
Nathan was asked what role he would like to play if Joss ever makes another Shakespeare film. I for one would pay cashy money to see this:

"I would like to do "Hamlet" and I would like to play my own double. I would like to play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern."
Amrita : Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................
I would like to see BriTANick play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. But I would like to see them do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead rather than Hamlet, though.
I think non-traditional casting is still the most interesting, though I think I would have entered some glittering heaven dimension if Fran played Hamlet and Olivia Williams his mum Gertrude, after the relationship they shared in Dollhouse (inappropriate starches!). I really love seeing things turned on their ear. For instance, on my London trip, I'll be seeing the Old Vic's production of Much Ado About Nothing with Vanessa Redgrave as Beatrice and James Earl Jones as Benedick. What a delight that will be.

Or how about Chiwetel Ejiofor as Hamlet and Kristine as Gertrude. There are many permutations that could be made. Even Tahmoh Penikett and Kristine S. If I were casting this film, I would take a page from Ken Branagh, whose Hamlet used a wide variety of old Hollywood, Americans, Brits, French - time to get some Canadians in there. Save the First Gravedigger for Fillion and The Player King for ASH.

Joss, do it ... Instead of your house, how about the Ennis-Brown house as Hamlet's castle?
James Marsters as Claudius, Tony Head as old Hamlet (the ghost), Olivia Williams as Gertrude, Enver as Laertes, Dichen Lachman as Ophelia, Nathan Fillion as Polonius, Nick Brendon and Tom Lenk as the gravediggers, J August Richards as Horatio, Sean Maher as Hamlet.
Wow, I would love to see that Hamlet redeem147!

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