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September 08 2013

The New York Times profiles Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Find out how out Marvel and ABC will marry two seemly mismatched audiences.

This is a good article. If you don't like any spoilers, there's some light stuff in page 2.
Okay now I'm thinking of a new show where the appearance of zombies on Capital Hill interrupts the scandalous affairs of Washington insiders!
Oh, neat! I really enjoyed Item 47, and when the news of this show first broke, I wondered if it was a prototype for what the show could be like. Validation! Very excited for this show!
'Their biggest note after we presented the thing was they wanted to make sure that our investment in the characters and their interaction and their evolution was as big as the case of the week,' Mr. Whedon said of ABC."

Really? Apparently no one on ABC has seen any of Joss, Jed, or Mo's work before.
I usually find these articles boring, but this one was very interesting.
Damn I am counting the days for this show to come out and finding out how good it is, and how well received.
EddieBuck, the best thing about that note is... that note. It's like, okay, you like the show and you want to make sure the character investment and evolution is front and centre? You don't want a popstar episode? Who are you?

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