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"Sometimes you just wanna duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month."
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September 08 2013

"How to pronounce Joss Whedon" according to Pronounciation Manual. You think you know, but there is no excuse for anyone to not watch this excellent educational video.

*cracking up* That's hilarious!
I highly approve.
Heehee, I love Pronounciation Manual!
I don't get it.
You're not the only one, NYPinTA. I thought it'd be something funny, like "genius" or "Master."
I like the idea - i like the supercali one - might show my class that video for a laugh - they love singing the song
It's a parody of another channel, PronounciationBook, which teaches people to pronounce words. This one teaches people how to mispronounce them.
Ah. Thanks. That makes it clearer.
I've always liked the pronunciation "Josh Wheldon".

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