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September 09 2013

Juliet Landau has bowed out of her starring role in "The Bells of West 87th". James Marsters will remain in the production.

I'm TOO sad about this. I've ALWAYS wanted to see James and Juliet act together on stage. Hopefully they will act together again soon.
Me too. I actually have tickets to the meet and greet performance this Sunday for my anniversary. I've been looking forward to this for months...still I'm happy that Juliet is so in demand right now, and am very excited to meet James.
Huh. The fact that she got invited to a screening of some film she made a while ago makes her unable to stay in the play? Seems like kind of a weak reason to me.

Pure speculation on my part but I wonder if her and James don't really get along. Maybe there's a reason they never work together. When they were both here for Comic-Con two years ago they were one booth apart from each other and never communicated once, that I saw (which granted, could mean absolutely nothing).

Uncle Fury is trying very hard on all social media platforms to show his support for Juliet's sudden leaving, even though it must've left him in the lurch. Isn't he the playwright, or did I get that wrong?
The playwright is Elin Hampton, Fury's wife.

She and David wrote "Go Fish" together.

From what I'm reading on other sites the new actress is fantastic.
From what David Fury said in his Twitter feed a few days ago, it sounded like there are no bad feelings involved. It's a short run for a play in a small theater, and Juliet's efforts are appreciated for developing the role before other opportunities came up. I don't see a need to speculate about any behind the scenes drama that there's no sign of.
I'm curious what the screen test was for in London.
No harm intended, Sunfire, just a curious notion that crossed my mind, is all.
It's a shame that Juliet had to back out but these things happen. The first reviews are really good. Hope everyone who gets to see this has fun.
Screen tests can be on extremely short notice, Willowy. It's generally understood for these weekend only gigs that the cast might have to drop out for entirely professional reasons.

A screen test in London for someone resident in LA would be such a reason. They only pay for the flight to see you in person if they're really interested.
Also, she is *directing* a documentary. She needs prep time and directing a film pretty much is all the director does at the time. I would think if any two leads in a play at a relatively small theatre knew one another and did not get along, they wouldn't be doing it together in the first place - they've been rehearsing since May, I believe.
So if she's *doing* all that, why'd she accept the LEAD ROLE in a play?

Don't talk to me like I'm a fucking idiot. It was a sudden, unplanned departure and I was musing about it.

Hell, an UNSUBSTANTIATED rumor that Joss was rewriting the first ep of SHIELD made the front page, I hardly thought my little aside would call out the attack dogs.
I don't think anyone was trying to call you an idiot, Willowy - or at least I hope not, since that kind of shenanigans aren't cool - and I didn't see any German Shepherds. People were just pointing out possible reasons for Juliet to pull out that wouldn't involve behind-the-scenes conflict, though there's always a possibility...even with friends.

And as to why she accepted a lead role in a play, even a small one? Only she knows her reasons but the idea of not letting opportunities slip by due to the possibility of a screen test being offered or a conflicting project that she's been involved with for a while - I wonder if it's her Gary Oldman documentary? - suddenly needing her attention after a period of inactivity can't be ignored.
Willowy, I certainly wasn't calling you an idiot (if your post was directed at me), just suggesting some reasons other than conflict that would cause her departure. It's sort of like way back when Pierce Brosnan tested for James Bond and then couldn't get out of his "Remington Steele" contract to do it - Timothy Dalton got the role for two movies before Brosnan was able to do it. Why did Brosnan test for it at all if he was still committed to "Remington Steele"? Because most people in Hollywood keep a bunch of irons in the fire. It is *very* common for people to leave plays in favor of film work, for reasons of both money and passion. When Landau accepted the role, she likely didn't foresee all of these other things coming together in September.

Don't talk to me like I'm a fucking idiot. It was a sudden, unplanned departure and I was musing about it.

And people gave you good reasons as to why she left the play. I would accept this and move on.

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