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March 05 2004

Kristin from eonline raves about Wonderfalls .... She thinks it's better than Joan of Arcadia. Also a small tidbit on the SOS campaign voting which will appear in next week column.

SOS Update: Tubers, you astound me. Nearly 200,000 E! Onliners have voted in this year's Save One Show campaign . We're tallying the votes on Wednesday, so make your pick now if you haven't already. The results will be posted next Friday. (And by the way, The Family Guy is coming back, so it really can happen!)

Awwww yeah. I put a page on with the letter from the Wonderfalls producers. Is it a self-link if it's in a reply?

I dunno. You'll tell me.
From our ever so handy list of rules:

"Linking to your own stuff in the comments is acceptable, if relevant to the discussion."

It's not something I like seeing used/abused too much - but your link seems relevant here. :)
Relevant it is. :-)
Well I'm curious about Wonderfalls. I do feel we're heading for an overkill of "Young pretty girl gets commands from on high to go do stuff."-shows though.

So far I've not been impressed with Tru. If Eliza wasn't in it, I'd have quit watching a while ago. It screams mediocrity. Also have trouble with the "he wasn't MEANT to die yet!" undertones. If you believe in any kind of 'meant to be' then...well, if he wasn't meant to die yet, he wouldn't have died would he? What would she be necessary for? Plus I wish they'd more go into the why and how of it, because this is getting really old, really fast. But I never liked the 'who do we help THIS week' shows anyway.

Never saw Joan of Arcadia, but I probably wouldn't like it. By actually making it god that talks to her, there is nothing they can do to prevent me from seeing yet another story where god plays mindgames with us and we're supposed to find it profound and 'good'. Sorry, but it's just not my bag, baby.

So of those shows, Wonderfalls sounds the most promising. Could be funnier, whackier, and it's got 100% more David Fury. I'm hopeful.

But yet AGAIN in the friday night graveyard shift, just like Firefly. Does Fox WANT these shows to tank??
I'm pretty excited about the show -- better than Joan is high praise for me, because me, my wife and my mother-in-law have enjoyed Joan tremendously. My only worry is that I won't be able to get them to check it out since it SOUNDS similar, but we'll see. What makes Joan good, though, is that it is superbly cast by some tremendous actors -- writing isn't everything.
Seen one episode of Joan, and kind of liked it, and as I have said before I will probably like "wonderfalls." The whole friday night thing is not good, though. As much as I liked Firefly when it was on, I didn't see every episode, because I often have better things to do with my Friday nights than watch TV. I will watch if I am around, tape if I like it and hope it gets better coverage than most actually good Fox shows (not including simpsons, still good after 15 years).
Ok -I'm livid - I was on my way home from work and turned on the radio and heard Catherine (I think that's her name) from Wonderfalls beinging interviewed via phone on a local station - I was pleasantly surprised by this discovery it seems she is hitting the circut for the show. Now to the livid portion - the idiots to whom she was speaking barely let her talk and did nothing but make fun of the show. Then when they finished the interview they ripped it and her for the remainder of the show and they haven't even seen it and they were comparing it to Touched by a Angel and they kept refering to it as a rip off of JOA which they have not seen either show - but they know who the guy is playing her father as the Die Hard 2 bad guy - the one who was doing the nude thi chi in the beginning of the film and they kept asking her if she had seen him naked yet. She said she hadn't seen the movie then they started harping onher to see it even if she is a Canadaian. I wish I had made it home before they left the air cause I wanted to tell them how ignorant they were but instead I think I'll hand deliver a copy of the pilot to them instead come Monday morning bright an early. It wouldn't be so upsetting except these guys have high ratings locally and a lot of people listen to them and I think her appearance on their show, mayhave lost some potential viewers. Also they ragged on her cause the show wasn't even starting till next week. Sorry just had to vent a bit so I could get some sleep.
RavenU, I'm getting really upset just reading that. Gah.
People are stupid. It is one of the universal laws of nature.

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