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September 10 2013

Local news coverage of the Joss Whedon exhibit at Wesleyan. Gaze upon Joss' handwritten notes for Buffy.

Details about the opening times of the exhibit can be found here.

Local news is charmingly awkward.
How cool - Buffy notes in a blue book! Wish I could teleport myself there to see this in person.
I went...sort of. I was visiting the area and called the college for info on the exhibit's opening. The guy said to head on down at noon, so I drove over an hour to get there, only to discover he had gotten his dates mixed up. Booo. At least I got to see Buffy's scythe through the window. All the college had to say in response was that their information on the exhibit was a little confusing. Triple-check your info if you plan on going! Wish I could try again!
Wow, that's my local news station. I had no idea about this! I know how I'll be spending my day off tomorrow. What a perfect way to celebrate the end of Season 9.
I WANNA GOOOOO! Too bad it's a 9-hour drive for me. Le sigh.
Let me see... If I can just steal a plane... Nope. Fell at the first hurdle there. Damn.
I wonder if "A Night Alone" would be the proto-Buffy student film referenced by his Professor in Candace Havens "Joss Whedon: the Genius Behind Buffy". Hmmmmmmmmm...
Further information, including some of the stills seen in the TV news feature, can be found here.
I was lucky to get an early viewing of exhibit. The room is small (as you can see in the video), but it's filled with some fantastic pieces that I'd never seen before -- his notebooks, in particular. Even though you can only read a few pages of them, they're fascinating and delightful.

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