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September 10 2013

(SPOILER) Five sneak peeks at the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot episode. Two weeks to go till the show airs in the States.

"Under people skills she drew, I think it's a little poop. With knives sticking out of it. That's bad, right?" Wow, Coulson.
Chloe Bennet in the van looks (and sounds) a lot like Eliza Dushku, in my opinion.
Wondering if "Skye" has any sisters or cousins...
Why do I torture myself and watch these?!

I just can't help myself, zero self control. So much for delayed gratification ;p

Counting the days agents!
OneTeV, I have also thought there was a certain resemblance since the first trailer footage.
I am already so in love with Fitz and Simmons.
I have to say, these clips gave me WAAY more confidence than the trailers. I've been concerned that some of the bits in the trailers seems stiff and odd, but in the context of these full clips, nearly all my worries are gone.

My ONE worry is still "Skye". I'll wait to reserve actual judgement until I see the show, but she looks waay too polished to be a hacker living in a van. Her hair looks like she just got back from the salon. Hopefully she'll look more natural in the regular run of the show.

Other than that TWO THUMBS UP! Loved the HP and Black Widow references. I hope they at least keep the casual references to other Marvel films coming because I will LIVE for that shit.
Great clips.Really feels like a Whedon project.
That Coulson line about Grant's people skills is just so Whedony!
Can only get the last one to play, then a link to Vimeo appears, saying all the above vids will play if only I subscribe.

Don't wanna.

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