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March 05 2004 reviews "Shells". "How can they cancel a show that's turning out such great stuff?"

These guys aren't always that positive but this was a nice piece.

"Because this really is a terrific episode, perhaps the best of the season. The acting is solid all around, the dialogue is ultra-crisp, and the story utilizes a near perfect blend of drama, humor, and action."

I changed your title a bit, EdDantes.
I agree with FanBoy's review. Everything was superb until the limpy ending. My only gripe is maybe Illyria should've been a bit more of a threat for another episode before relenquishing into the Angel fold so soon.

Just my two cents.
Yeah I don't have a real problem with what is happening, but I agree it went a little fast. I'm still wondering what the Senior Partners want with all this. They knew what was happening, they helped make it happen I think, and I hope we get to see why.
It seems to me that joss and co. are trying to get as much story in as they can before the show is gone, remember the last season of buffy? nothing really happened except for people talking about the "big war" that was coming and how terrible it was going to be for about 12 episodes with some subplots on the side. The characters seemed to fall by the wayside. It just appears to me that Joss learned from that mistake and wants to tell as many great stories with this cast and crew as he can. just trust in the fact that ME has something much better planned than what we could expect.
Yeah it's true that in contrast to Buffy S7 this is moving along fast. It's not lingering or chewing on things for too long. I do like that. I think 'Gunn's secret' in another show would've stayed a secret for half a season.
i liked season 7 of buffy because of the buildup. wasnt to many things going on and i always wanted to see more. not to say that this season of angel should be like that. i just like both ways of doing things.
Talk about surprises, “Shells” is even better than “A Hole in the World” and certainly is one of my top ten favorite Angel episodes. Why? It is so much more than what I expected it to be. I was thinking “Innocence” only with Wesley stuck in Buffy’s shoes with Illyria/Fred being the old friend turned evil. We also have a similar world-in-peril situation that the Judge gave us in “Innocence”. Then, the rug is pulled out from under us. We start to see Illyria as a lonely figure forced now to adjust to this human-infested planet. We wonder if there is anything truly evil about her. At the end, we can clearly see that Wesley wants to know what parts of Fred still exist, and it gets us wondering too. I was genuinely surprised that they went this direction, but it makes sense. Illyria wants to have significance in this world just as many other people (or whatever they are) do.

Now that I have had over a week to think about it, I will reveal my opinion on “Cavemen versus Astronauts”: Hockey Players!!! (float like astronauts; do battle like cavemen)

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I just love the way that Wes tries to decapitate all his dead girlfriends!

Well, not in a weird way or anything... :-)
G Thing, can you leave out the signatures, please?
And it would be sort of funny if Angel encountered Jack Bauer. Jack could brag about his ratings and reviews and Angel could glower "yeah, but you're show is completely overrated. L.A'.s about to blow up within an 12 hours and we're supposed to worry about your daughter's love life? And saving L.A. big deal. Try saving our plane of existence some time!"

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