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September 12 2013

Joss Whedon talks SHIELD, superheroes, and secrets: "I guess I'm just not very good at reality". James Poniewozik interviews Joss about the new show and mentions the column he wrote for the latest print issue of Time Magazine.

Really good interview and, as is pointed out, the series is extremely timely with what's going on in the real world now ...
I guess I always thought that 'Dollhouse' was skating close to the real world.... just me huh?
Give it 20 years and I think the core concepts of Dollhouse - reading and storing memory, maybe imprinting or tampering bits - will be a reality.
The notion of virtual immortality - uploading everything that makes you you into an external device (or even more terrifyingly, a host human) - is already frighteningly close to reality. Never expected it to be happening so fast. I really don't think we're prepared for this. At all.

ETA: Even Stephen Hawking thinks it's going to happen. It's on.
That title quote's a great one. It reminds me of what Philip Pullman said in response to being asked about his fantasy novels: "I like to think of it as stark realism".

Tin Ear Tom - that is terrifying. I really think that Dollhouse is one of the best and most relevant science fiction concepts of recent years, both on those ethical and scientific levels and on an everyday 'who on earth are we?' level.
This is the last thread that embers posted in. She died back in November. Only found out today. She was a long-time poster and a passionate Whedon fan and a really nice person. We are worse off for her passing. She'll be missed a lot.
Rest in peace, sweet Embers.
She was a lovely, incredibly gracious, long-standing member. RIP, Embers.
Sadfaces. RIP Embers.
She was an awesome lady, and I will miss the long discussions we had about the Whedonverse (she was the first "real" person I ever knew who met Joss! I told her she's never allowed to change her online pic of herself and God lol), Wicked, the pros/cons of Twilight (I sadly was a fan at the time but have since recovered), and many other issues. She was a strong-minded, passionate lady. She will be missed. #RIP
Oh, what horrible news :(. I will always remember her fondly for her insightful and engaging posts, sharp wit, fandom knowledge and even temper. Rest in peace, embers.
Oh no. I'm sorry to hear this.
I am so, so sad to hear this. I only knew embers from here, but she was one of the names I'd scan for in "recent comments" to see which conversations I wanted to leap into. Rest in Peace.
Very sorry to hear of her passing. She could be relied on to comment with common sense, humor, and passion where needed. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.
That is sad news, but I am glad that we did hear. Too many of us have left and we never know why. I always enjoyed her humour and yes, her calmness in the face of some of fandom's silliness.
I'm so sorry to hear of her passing. She was one of my favorite posters.
RIP Embers. What a great loss this is.

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So sorry to hear this, so sad. Embers was one of my favourite posters, and she came across as a lovely person. Rest in peace Embers.
:(. That is very sad news indeed. Embers was one of those posters who elevated this fandom and this site, and like catherine, I always made a point of stopping to read her comments, even in threads that had become overwhelmingly large. I will miss her insights.
Very saddened by this loss. Really enjoyed her comments. May Embers rest in peace.
Oh gosh, so sad... I remember many fond posts and comment-replies from Embers, she was always so passionate and positive about everything in the fandom. I hope she rests well.
Why is this not frontpage news. Rest in peace, Embers. My condolances to the friends and family.
Sorry to hear of Embers passing.Very long time poster here.RIP
I'm so sorry to hear that.
RIP Embers. I really enjoyed your discussions in all things Whedonesque.
This is terrible news.

RIP Embers.
Godspeed, embers. I'll always remember how happy you looked to be standing with Joss in your avatar photo.
I'll miss her comments, too.
Oh no! I'm so sad to hear that. Rest in peace, Embers. :(
So sorry to hear this. Never met her in person, but she was a familiar name and voice around here for's a strange and saddening shock.
RIP Embers. :(
I quoted one of her comments in an essay I wrote on _Dr. Horrible_. I'm sad to hear of her passing.
Sorry to hear this. RIP, Embers, and condolences to her loved ones.
So very sorry to hear this. RIP.
Oh no. I probably only actively talked to her a couple of times, but I always found her comments very insightful. This is very sad news. RIP
I haven't commented on a post in, literally, years but I had to pay my respects. Embers' name was always a joy to see in the comments. Always really thoughtful and well-written. She seemed to be a lovely person and will be greatly missed. RIP
That is very sad, so sorry to hear this.
This is very sad - while I never met embers in Real Life, I always enjoyed her comments on whedonesque - so Old Guard: a member since 2004! - and I admired her passion, her kindness, her sense of justice, her perceptions, and her sweetness. I'd already missed her comments on here, but I'd no idea why I hadn't seen her.

When I heard earlier that she'd passed away - so relatively young! - I went looking online to see what I could find about and by her - SimonWho on mentioned her handmade cards, and I wanted to see her artwork.

I found an LJ, and a blog, and a twitter, and a FB and her myspace (we'd connected on there years ago & I was touched to see today that I'd been in her top eight in that long-ago place) - but it was when I found her photos on photobucket that I started crying.

I found a wonderful - but sadly unfinished - Jane Eyre comic that she'd written and illustrated. (There's other artwork there, too.)

I think it being unfinished is really what made me cry. And also - that I'd never known her other interests outside of the Whedon'verse & that it took her death to make me go find her and them.

I also had thought I'd make a little photo collage of her, so people could remember her, but the photobucket albums - here she is at conventions with Jossir and others - make that unnecessary. She's already shown herself in the ways that mattered to her.

It's lovely to see these things, but also ineffably sad.

"Among the tortures and devastations of life is this then our friends are not able to finish their stories. - Virginia Woolf, THE WAVES

Edited to fix: grammartastrophe and also to say:

Well, it's just a teensy bit less sad now - she did finish her Jane Eyre comic. (The last set of drawings didn't show up in my browser ?!? but when I checked by iPhone, they were there.) Somehow that's a solace.

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She was at the Backup Bash! - she got a picture with Alan Tudyk. Which means I did probably meet her, or at least see her. Sigh. This makes me so sad.
Terribly sad - RIP Embers.
As a new Whedonesque member, I never got to know Embers, but the positive effect she had on peoples' lives is laid so bare here, I can't help but be moved. Rest in peace, ma'am.
Those are very sad news. RIP Embers.
I never knew Embers, but I know how sad Simon has been to hear of her passing, so I'm sad too.

Thanks for those links QuoterGal.

RIP Embers.
Very sad news. RIP Embers.
Thank you Simon, for letting us know. I am very sad to learn the news. And thank you QuoterGal, for your links. Even before I was a member, which has now been quite a long time, I enjoyed reading embers' fresh comments here. I already miss reading her.
I always wonder when a fan stops posting online whether they are ok or not. This is very sad news. Embers and her family are in my thoughts. RIP Embers.
You're welcome, Tee and wrecks - I've been reading her LiveJournal posts and discovering how much we had in common. She was an avid mystery reader, and most wished to marry literary character Lord Peter Wimsey. ; ] #ISoGetThat She was passionate about social justice as well as her fandom likes and dislikes, and she was into steampunk cosplay and painting and TM (Transcendental Meditation).

Her name embers came from the initials of the name she used: Maribeth, which was a combination of her two given names Marian and Elizabeth.

It's really too sad to learn about someone after they died, but somehow it seemed fitting not to let her pass without getting a better sense of who she was outside of the fandom.
This is very sad news indeed.
I had the pleasure of meeting her at both the Browncoat Back-up Bash in 2006 and at the last Firefly Creation con in 2008.
Embers made friends easily. She was welcoming, funny, sassy, and a true Browncoat in seeing all of us as extended family. She guided this first-time conventioneer through the convention craziness, making sure I felt included and had the best experience. I will miss her.
So sad to hear this. I've enjoyed embers' comments ever since I started hanging out here, back in ... 2004 or so. (God, it's been close to a decade now. Wow.) Anyway, she always seemed like a lovely, thoughtful person, and though I didn't know her in any way apart from this site, I will miss hearing her perspective on things.

Love and light to her family and friends, wherever they may be ...
RIP Embers. Such sad news.
So sad. RIP, embers.
So sorry to hear this. RIP embers.
Her's was a name I definitely recognized. I learned that we were both Iowans after I had lamented that I was having trouble finding a showing of either Much Ado or Cabin where I lived. I always thought it would have been cool if we had run into each other in real life, but it never happened. RIP
Sad to see this now. I will miss her comments too.

And mostly what Erendis said..

And with QuoterGal's links, I'm quite sure I have seen pics of Embers before...

One of my favorite posters, loved her cheery smile in her Joss pic. Rest in peace, dear lady.
Oh, Simon, thank you so much for doing this. I've been heartbroken since I heard the news back in November. She was one of my dearest friends full stop. Funny, kind, generous, thoughtful, smart, talented and a survivor.

Although we met "online" in the Buffy fandom, we didn't meet in person until the first Moonlight Rising con in 2003. We laughed ourselves silly despite some of the more disturbing fan craziness.

The last time I saw her was back in August when she was in NY for a visit. We went to see Much Ado About Nothing, of course, even though she'd just seen it twice already. I don't have the time to keep up with the fandom and posting these days, but every time I come here or see a Joss mention online, I think of her. Can't quite believe she's gone to be honest.
Oh no. Sorry to hear of an old Whedon-ite passing.


Rest well.
RIP embers. I don't post much, so I never got into discussions with her. But as a long time lurker I can say that her posts were always worth coming across.
Haven't been on here in quite a while and this was the first thing I saw upon returning. A loss to the community and a loss to all who knew her.
Thank you quotergal for the links, what a wonderful way to spread her memories.

punkinpuss, I'm especially sorry for your loss as a friend. I hope you find comfort in seeing those who have come in her memory.
Very sad to see this on the front page, but thanks for letting everyone know. embers was one of those posters whose contributions were always worth reading and helped make this place what it is. She'll be missed here and elsewhere, I'm sure.
I've always been more of a lurker, but there were always names that made this place more familiar for me, and embers was one of those names. I'm sorry to hear of her passing, and she will be missed.
I'm so sorry to hear this. She always struck me as such a lovely person. R.I.P.
So sad to hear this news.
I'm very sorry. I always read and appreciated her posts over the years, and she had so many talents I didn't know about and was clearly a very giving person.
R.I.P., embers.
Requiescat in pace.
Long time since I've posted. Saw this thread and felt the need to add my condolences here.

I remember embers - RIP
RIP, embers. I had wondered with not seeing her around, now we know :(
I just saw this thread today, and this is very sad news, indeed.
Embers was a class act, and I am sad she is no longer with us. She will be missed. Rest well.
I have been following this site pretty closely since 2004. Have not been a member as long though. I have read many of ember's posts and probably not appreciated them as much as they deserved.

My condolences.
Oh no, only just saw this. r.i.p. embers. We joined at almost the same time and although I'm not very active these days I do still lurk. This makes me sad :(
I just found this out. I meet her a couple times at WonderCon. She was a sweet & interesting as her post.
I just noticed this. This makes me very sad. :( I didn't know Embers personally but she was wonderful wherever I saw her posts. Kind, passionate and just plain fun.
May she rest in peace and my thoughts go out to her family and friends.
Thank you QuoterGal for sharing that with us. Feels like we're all honoring her by knowing more about her.
I will miss her being a part of the 'Verse.
I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've been checking in occasionally. Just noticed this thread. Very sad. I remember reading her posts. She'll be missed.
I just notice this-so sad :( RIP
Embers was one of the usernames I learned to recognize on all those years ago. Her posts were always insightful and delightful. She will be missed there and on Whedonesque. She was one special lady.
RIP dear sweet embers. You will be missed indeed.
Just found out about embers....RIP, fellow Browncoat :(

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