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September 12 2013

'Much Ado About Nothing' gets a release date in France : January 29, 2014. Wonderful news for the French Whedonites. The film is distributed by Jour2féte.

Its great, but i expect many will have seen it on dvd/bluray by then, and will only atract those who want to watch it on the big screen. Its great tough that for non english speaking french they will get french subtitles. :)

Yeah, I'm French, is that so obvious ? :p
Darkness, there's a fair chance it won't be subtitled (maybe in some cinemas) but dubbed. But yay for Much Ado screening everywhere!
W00t! Though that is still months away. Here's a page that should list cinemas by then.
Roxanne: I sadly doubt they will dub a Shakespaere movie directed in 12 days in the directors house that is clearly for a minority and not a big money maker; they usually dont do that. At least not here in Spain. And if it were here in Spain, this would be a one cinema in Madrid, one cinema in Barcelona deal, and thats it, sorry rest of the country, but thats life... or something. You couldnt dream of having this movie widely opening here. Small arts theater, subbed, one week, and thank us even for that. We didnt even get Cabin in The Woods. Not even in dvd, despite the fact that the distributor promised us a big cinema opening.

Even the very interesting Ralph Fiennes Coriolanus was a direct to dvd/blu and was not dubbed, and that had big names on it and a good budget.

But hey, im just guessing. I dont know. And in France things might be diferent. Maybe they will. Who knows.

For the sake of my neighbours, good luck with it. :)
@Roxanne : It's true that we dub almost everything in France, but I think it might not be the case for Much Ado. The smallest independent movies are usually only subtitled.

EDIT : Yeah I think France is different than Spain. We love artsy, independent movies, so I think Much Ado will find its audience, as a limited release. And "Cabin in the Woods" was very well received here, I'm surprised it didn't even come out in Spain.

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Whoo-hoo! Another country!
Dubbing may be the default for mass audiences, but where I live I always have the option to go see international movies subbed, which is how I like them. I think an indie release is more likely to be shown subbed, both due to budget and a higher proportion of purists.

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