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September 12 2013

'Killing Kennedy' trailer. National Geographic drama starring Michelle Trachtenberg coming November 10th.

Michelle will be playing Marina Oswald in this Ridley Scott produced adaptation of Bill O'Reilly's book.

Also stars Rob Lowe as JFK, Will Rothhaar as Lee Harvey and Ginnifer Goodwin as Jackie Kennedy.

And here we stand, at the intersection of Joss Whedon and Bill O'Reilly :)
I've been on this site for too long. My very first thought when I saw the title was that someone killed Willow's girlfriend (again).
steverogers, me, too!
And me, steverogers!
Well, somebody or something did, off-scene in the early part of S-8, magical means so Willow was able to bring her back. Make of that what you will. (She won't be appearing in my fic "New Mexico Rocky Mountain High" because the psyhciatrist doing the post-resurrection group therapy session doesn' want Slayers present.)

That said, sound like a great albeit smallish opportunity for Michelle.

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