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September 13 2013

Details of The Cabin in the Woods maze at the Halloween Horror Nights 23. Michael Aiello, Assistant Director of Creative Development for NBC/Universal Theme Parks, explains how they worked with Drew Goddard in this project and how the visitor experience will be like. From the same event a props preview from the event's official instagram account. Tickets for HHN23 are on sale and will happen on select dates between September 20th till November 2nd.

As a reminder the The Cabin in the Woods maze experience is exclusive for the Orlando resort.

I've linked the video to the specific time-stamp (6m 38s)in which he starts to talk about The Cabin in the Woods maze, the video also include content about the other mazes included in the Orlando Resort event.
Video by

Another shot of the Props preview from this media event can be viewed from the latest Attractions Magazine the Show, around the 16m25s mark, which is linked here.

Sounds exciting. Sidenote: is the guy in the video an alternate universe future Xander?
Dude Meister: We all thought he was an alternate universe future Xander, but it turns out he's just some guy Anya cursed.

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