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September 13 2013

Cover art for Angel & Faith Volume 5 "What You Want, Not What You Need'. Included in Dark Horse's December Solicitations, this volume will be out in February of next year.

Nice cover, kinda bummed Whistler was not included in that villain spotlight corner on the left bottom.

So, Buffy's Volume 5 will probably come out in March.
So Season 10 will probably debut right after that: May~June, 2014, maybe?!
I hope they do the hardcovers again. I have all of season 8 in the oversized hardcovers. they're simply GORGEOUS!
They NEED to do Season 9 hardcovers! The Season 8 ones are brilliant. Hardcovers are also just generally better than paperbacks (more durable, more professional, etc.). I hope we get them. Have the Season 8 hardcovers been selling well?
I miss Jo Chen's covers in a big way. They were absolutely amazing.
I wish Jo could do the interiors. Her 3-page "Always Darkest" story was the best-illustrated work of both Seasons 8 and 9.
I don't think so. It's more realistic in the art but less faithful to the characters in the way they move/act (looked like some realistic japanese anime)
I would rather the art look more like the actors than how they move.
I love her covers, but I much prefer Jeanty as the 'main' artist because he usually has a nice balance between likeness and 'cartoonesque' style - even though his work on S9 has been inconsistent - and vice versa.

I don't really understand why so many people hate Jeanty's style - but I do think you like it if my memories are right, watcher.

I can't wait to see Chen's cover for The Core.
I've gotten used to Jeanty's art (which is actually really good comic book art), but when it comes to licensed comics, I prefer someone like Jo Chen who can make their drawings look as close as humanly possible to the real life actors.

I think Rebekah Isaacs kind of blew Jeanty out of the water this season with her likenesses of Faith, Angel, Giles, Willow, Harmony, Drusilla, Gunn and Connor. Jeanty does a good job with Xander, Spike, and Andrew, but Buffy, Willow and Dawn look nothing like the actors.

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