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September 13 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a website. It has lots of stuff. Be warned, there's an intro with sound.

"Be warned, there's an intro with sound."

Good old 1998.
I am tempted to say that's the show's intro, they might be keeping it brief. Or at least part of the intro, since it's too awesome just to be on some website and that's it.
This is the most concrete example of Bear's music for the show so far. I'm guessing it is the theme. Sounds great.
Yeah I normally don't like sudden video/sound approach to website landings (ok I still don't) but I do really like that opening music and the way it shows you a bit of SHIELD.
That site does not like my computer. The intro wouldn't play - I had a black screen with a small "skip" square in the upper right corner. When I went to the "Meet the Agents" page and tried to watch the video of Coulson, it stuttered and would show frozen images with the sound playing; the images lagged.

Oh well. Music sounded good. And I could look at the stills of Son of Coul.

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