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September 13 2013

10 characters TV Guide wants to see on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. TV comes up with a list of ten Marvel characters and which actors they think should play them.

Of course, they choose many actors from the Whedonverse!

I like any list that tries to give more work to Laura Vandervoort.
I want Amy Acker as Abigail Brand.
Does Marvel even still have the rights to Spider Woman?
Good question, I don't think I've ever seen that come up for discussion.
Laura might be a little busy with her new series.
Is it wrong that I want to see Cloak and Dagger at some point in time?

Also, I love the Taskmaster, but I don't think Fillion, as much as I love him, would be a good choice for him. However the list got points for including Mockingbird. Now, for Ray Park as Iron Fist? Sure he's got the moves, but there's a reason why they redubbed Darth Maul with someone else's voice. He has one of those Scottish accents that is almost unintelligible for general American audiences sadly. (And I love Scottish accents, and I have trouble understanding him.)

Personally, I'd like to see:

Cloak and Dagger. (Too bad JAR is playing someone else, I think he would have rocked as Cloak.)

Justice and Firestar. They were Avengers during the epic Perez/Busic run. Also Justice is a mutant.

Dum Dum Doogan for the win. Admittedly, I got excited when I saw him in "Captain America". Yes, theoretically he should be dead by now, but something could have preserved him. Or its a clone. Personally, I like the idea of some experiment to recreate the Super Soldier serum went wrong and made him immortal.

Also, this may be an odd choice, but Namor.

Oh, and Sif showing up on occasion would be really cool too.

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Almost certain that Marvel has full rights to Spider Woman. Spider Girl on the other hand would definitely belong to Sony.

We also know that Marvel has big plans for Hayley Atwell/Peggy Carter beyond "Agent Carter" and CA:TWS. There's no doubt in my mind we'll have flashback episodes to Peggy and Howard's early days at SHIELD (not dissimilar to what Fringe has done in the past), which of course would involve Dum Dum Dugan.

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(If you're really spoiler-phobic, read the links with caution. The main link and one or two of the list pages mentioned things which I hadn't heard anything about yet; possibly may turn out to be minor points, but I skimmed through to be safe.)

I like a lot of the suggestions, both here and at the TV Guide list. (Namor is possibly another character Sony may have some claim to, although his X-Men affiliation really began after Sony's contract was probably written. Technically, he is considered a mutant [though he's only half-human to begin with], but he had been more associated with the Avengers [hmm... and the Fantastic Four...] until recently - maybe, at worst, he'd be a shared-rights hero, like the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver?) I wouldn't be surprised if there's some concern about differentiating Mockingbird from the Black Widow, but I would love to see Bobbi.

I recently realized that I could really see Reed Diamond as Clay Quartermain.

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Weird how a perfectly normal English-langauge word like "mutant" gets tangled into copyright stuff.

Last I knew the Skrulls got their shape-shifting powers form being the Debvaint branch of the Eternals-planted itnelligent species on the planet Skrullos, and the Eternals are based on von-Daenikin-esque "science."

My Marvel knowledge is 3 decades out of date but SPider-Woman got her powers totally separately from Spiderman, so no connection.
By the same out of date token, my unpleasant memories of Sharon "the Complainer" Carter mean I'd hate to see her anywhere ever again and hope she stays dead dead dead.

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There is a lot of talk here about Marvel not having the rights to things like X-men, Fantastic Four and Spiderman. But from what I understood they only don't have rights to them in the movies. After all they still create animated Spiderman and X-men shows. So as long as they keep them only on TV I think they have a right to put anyone they want on the show.
Cloak and Dagger are a great idea.

Also an episode in which they investigate the LA based Pride, serving as a backdoor pilot for a series about the Runaways.
Shut up I'm fantasizing here.
Runaways would be an excellent spinoff. I'd watch then hell out of that show :)
urkonn, I've had that fantasy quite a bit myself. I think that the Pride and the Runaways would make a great season arc.

My basic criteria for which Marvel characters should be in the show isn't even which characters I like. It's which characters would be hard for SHIELD to deal with. The Runaways? Foster homes can't hold them, returning them to their parents is not a viable option, and the kids certainly aren't going to cooperate. Plus, I imagine that their fighting against their own parents and the criminal organization would also complicate things. There's no good solution for their situation and that would drive the SHIELD agents nuts. I'd love to see that.

You're right that Marvel do own the TV rights to all characters, but they're only allowed to use them if they don't undermine characters used in other studios films.

By putting Spider-Man, X-Men or Fantastic Four on the show they're basically saying "this is the real interpretation of x/y/z - the films they're in made by Fox/Sony? Yeah, disregard them."
Do you know this for sure. I mean are the animated shows not considered to be undermining them?
Anyway spiderman was just rebooted, and the FF are about to be. so they are asking the audience to disregard their own movies.
Superman returns was made while Smallville was still on, even though they had the same character but different.

Anyway maybe you are right, but I sure hope you aren't.

I like the dynamic you describe with the runaways. Now I can't get the image of the agents babysitting Molly.

But how will it work. I can see Chase on the show. Advanced technology. But Karolina is an alien, Niko has magic, Molly is a Mutant and Gert has a dinosaur. Will the bad guys (or good guys) in this show have magic? will we have more aliens pop up? Will they deal with time travel? And as stated before can they even show Mutants?
I really don't know about those things. I'd love there to at least be magic wielders, and a bit of aliens.
and as for Mutants, The tomorrow people (the new CW show) is going to have mutants, so Marvel better be able to have them too.
Scarlet Witch is magical, too. So however they handle her sets the standard for how other magical characters will be handled in the future. They are planning on a Doctor Strange movie, so it will come up sooner or later.

Similarly, Quicksilver is a mutant. I'm guessing they probably just won't use the word mutant. They might say something like, "He was born with his powers," or they might just not mention how he got his powers at all.

They don't have to introduce all the kids in one episode. They could have an episode with a couple of them, then have an episode about the mysterious criminal organization on the west coast a few weeks later. A coupe of weeks after that they do another episode with all the kids, then another episode that reveals more about the Pride. Halfway through the season we get an episode that shows the kids attacking a Pride operation and linking the two plot lines.
I just realized that the variety of powers in the Runaways (tech kid like Iron-Man, human looking alien like Thor, magic girl like Scarlet Wtich) allows for some nice parallels with the adult team without stepping on the toes of the movies.

I can just imagine Agent Coulson after watching Molly smash a car, then fall asleep. "Life would be so much easier if the Hulk took a nap after *his* tantrums."
Well, as for the "Mutant" line, they could just say, "Wanda and Peidro have a special genetic anomaly that gives them their special powers."

So instead of saying "mutant" they could come up with some other creative term.
There you go.

Really, the word "mutant" is so generic (and un-copyrightable) that they might be okay saying it, just as long as they don't say "X-Men".
Scarlet Witch is a mutant and magical. Her mutant power is to throw hexes that change probability. She also has magical powers that are conected to her mutant powers. In the comics she started out with just mutant powers and developed magic later. My point is that Joss could chose to show her as magical or not, bith options are valid.

I hope they just call them mutants.

We should start petition to get the Runaways on Agents of SHIELD.
He has specifically referred to her as being magic in an interview. He could be joking, but even if she isn't, they're still planning on doing a Doctor Strange movie. So magic will show up sooner or later.

Since Joss has actually written Runaways before, I bet he doesn't need any encouragement. If he thinks they'll fit, he'll try and get them on. One impediment is that there is an effort at ABC to get a Runaways TV show developed. Until that has officially been dropped, they might want other shows to leave the characters alone. I like to think that if it does fall through, then maybe the kids can get a tryout on SHIELD as kind of a back door pilot.

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