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September 14 2013

'Binge-watching' viewership casts bigger spotlight on TV composers. Buffy's Robert Duncan gets quoted in this article about tv soundtracks.

For real, the music on Buffy boosted the overall quality of the series exponentially.
We were spoiled and didn't even know it.
Such a bummer that there is only one officially available soundtrack album for the show (Once More with Feeling doesn't really fit here). Especially when knowing that there are some kind of promo CD versions with music from at least the first three seasons out there. Why didn't they put them on shelves. :/

But hey, at least we got one great album. And even the Angel soundtrack which came out a year after the show ended was awesome. Would love a record dedicated to each season. Buffy and Angel got me into cinematic scores.
When Christophe Beck took over full time for Buffy the show improved immeasurably. When he left after Season 4, the show was never the same (until the Gift when he came back, and OMWF when he came back again. Thomas Wanker's efforts never really cut it and relied heavily on stock "stings" that I'd heard in a million other places.

Robert Duncan's work was an improvement though.

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