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October 05 2002

(SPOILER) AtS 4x01 "Deep Down". Don't read the WB's episode description if you want to stay unspoiled, it gives away far too much of tonight's Steven DeKnight penned season opener.

"With Angel (David Boreanaz) trapped on the ocean floor and Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) stuck on a mystical plane, Fred (Amy Acker) and Gunn (J. August Richards) are frustrated at the lack of clues regarding their friends' whereabouts, especially after the only eyewitness to Angel's disappearance is murdered. After Angel is rescued by the most unlikely person, the shocking reasons behind the mysterious disappearances become clear."

More season spoilers at "Spoiled Rotten"

Wildfeed summaries:

1. Demens
2. Angel's Acolyte
3. Leoff (nothing there yet)
Man! That was a great seaon opener! I didn't feel that Angel was rescued by the "most unlikely person" though. I kinda suspected that would happen.

"God I'm so bored!" That had me on the floor! Brilliant writing.
I agree with ZachsMind. I think this was a great opener. I am concerned about Gunn. He seems pretty sane and you know what tends to happen to the sane ones. Just look at Tara. Anyway this is my first post. Hopefully, I'll make more. This is the best Buffy/Angel site that I have found.
I just watched it. That was just great... VK is brilliant, DB passable, Wes feeding Angel is a slasher's wet dream, Cordy may have her snark back, Lorne got screentime... it's all good.

Except for Fred and Gunn. They must die.

I wonder what they could have meant with the Escher mention. The way they shot it and emphasised it must mean *something*.
Oh my god, I jumped up screaming at every commercial break! I loved that Wes didn't even turn around, just said "I'll take away the bucket." I loved him light, I love him dark, he just rocks. Fred and Lila rocked this ep, too. Everyone on the show rocks. Joss, you especially rock.
It felt kind of slight to me. No huge surprises (and I have remained steadfastly spoiler-free - for what?). Also, Dark Wesley just feels a lot like Season 2 Angel to me, and I'm just sitting back waiting for him to have his epiphany so we can get on with something more interesting.

And yet, I'm pleased just to have new episodes, I don't care if they're crap (not that I'm suggesting this was ALL crap, Cordy's line was definitely grin-inducing [but ONE LINE! It's just not enough!] and Lilah's promotion should make things interesting). It's been a long wait.

Finally - what is wrong with Gunn's chin? Who told him to grow that?

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It's just that the new "Buffy" episode was such a corker, and so different in tone from last season, whereas with "Angel" we're right back where we left off. Or maybe not. Maybe the twist comes next episode. Maybe Connor will stop pissing me off (I liked him last season, but now I just want to slap him, and it's not because he's evil). Maybe Wesley will take us to new heights of plot innovation.

I'll shut up now. No one's going to read this anyway. You already know the answers and I am musing to myself. Stupid staggered international air dates.

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