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September 15 2013

Amy Acker on Husbands: The Series, Much Ado About Nothing and more. Interview during Husbands Season 3 screening reception at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, talking a bit about everything she’s got going on right now, including being cast as a regular on Person of Interest. [So how soon will EVERY TV series be part of the Whedonverse?].

There doesn't seem to be much buzz about Husbands this season. Is CW Seed doing any promotion for it?
There have been a few ads circulating on CW's broadcast channel. Not much more than that. Bell and Espenson are on a book tour with the comic, and the third season can't be viewed by anyone outside the United States yet. Those could mayhaps be factoring in as de-buzzers.
Oh, I was just going to ask if CW Seed was not available in the UK or if it was just my browser. I tried googling 'watch Husbands UK' but it only came up with Daily Mail articles telling husbands their wives were cheating on them. Kind of funny in retrospect, if disturbing.
There doesn't seem to be that much publicity about so far, period. Were it not for the fact that "Husbands" is running on it, I don't know if I'd know much about that Web channel yet. However, the "Husbands" people (particularly Jane Espenson and Brad Bell) have been doing a lot of conventions and interviews, so it seems like they are still promoting it vigorously.
I'm happy they got more practical funding for the third season. It is just sad how hard it is to reach it. Even when The Guild had the partnership with Microsoft, that just gave preference for Xbox users on time, non-xbox users had access to new episodes like a week later.
Is The CW Seed thing even hitting target audience?
>> So how soon will EVERY TV series be part of the Whedonverse?.

I can feel myself moving in converging harmony with nature,
toward an enlightened state of ever increasing Jossness.

(Forget Operating Thetan, I got yer Clear right here)

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