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September 15 2013

(SPOILER) Intriguing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pics from Stockholm! Quite the mystery.

That looks very cool. Something to do with the Rising Tide, perhaps?
It has a very British sci-fi feel to it. So I'm loving that.
This is great. Scare children up on a bit.
And this happens the one time I'm away from Stockholm. On the other hand Joss turned up here in London and danced with us at Starfury, so I'm cool with it...

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So cool I have geekbumps.

@Simon -- I get a major Doctor Who vibe from this.
Also got a Doctor Who vibe from this. Loving it!
So what's in Stockholm that can't be done on a green screen in Los Angeles? This show has quite the budget for international shoots. First France and now Sweden.
I don't know, but thank god. (Do they have an international production partner or anything?)
Was Joss in London Heathrow on his way to Sweden? Speculate away.
Some speculation that it's ULTIMATUM.
Whoa. This now feels like a different show than I was expecting. In the best way.
Very very cool!
First blue hands on Firefly, now red faces on SHIELD. I think Joss should make some characters with yellow feet now.
I can hear them marching. And it sounds sinister.
Simon: Production value.
Awesome. My first thought was that it could be a Red Skull thing (which I think ULTIMATUM is, right?).
They remind me of the Observers from Fringe.
I think Joss should make some characters with yellow feet now.
All played by Summer Glau.

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