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September 16 2013

Joss crashes London Serenity Con. Joss Whedon crashed the Starfury "Serenity Forever" convention in London this past weekend.

I don't think it's actually *possible* for Joss to "crash" any sci fi or fantasy convention. Regardless, class act, all the way around.
I just really, really want to see the man dance. Oh my, it would be awesome to shake a leg next to him!
Those parties are great places to dance, and it will have been a great experience for the fans. So I love this a whole lot.
I was there, and thanks for posting this so I know that it really happened... It was a surreal experience.
This was truly a bucket list moment. So grateful to Jewel and Sean for bringing Joss to dance. It was an amazing atmosphere. People who'd never met or spoken to each other before we're just hugging each other randomly with these huge grins on their faces. Just a moment of shared joy. Jewel and Sean said Joss had really enjoyed himself. Some of the actors who had left the party before Joss arrived we're as gutted to have missed him as the attendees who had left. The moral of the story is, never leave a Starfury convention before the lights go up!
Wise words Cider.

And this being the only year I haven't attended a Starfury Convention I'm trying hard not to sob my heart out.
Reading this, I feel a little bit a part of this huge thing, and it's a good feeling. Even though I wasn't there.
So everybody there was essentially doing the Dance of Joy, whether it looked like the televised version of the dance or not ... :)
Basically, yes. The Dance Of Joy is now refined to include the move 'standing there clutching your pint, trying to work out where your jaw landed' :)

He said a few words at the end of the party as well. So grateful to Sean and Jewel I can't actually put it into words. Like Cider says, a moment of shared joy.
Hi Roel, still dancing like Charlie hehe *waves :w*, all the best to you peeps having this encounter with The Joss, enjoy the feeling.

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