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September 17 2013

Buffy & Angel Complete Series Box Sets are's Gold Box Deal of the Day. If you still don't own the shows on DVD you can snag Angel for $54.99 and Buffy for $59.99 today. Get yourself some Jossy goodness!

I'm surprised 20th Century Fox hasn't brought out a limited edition Buffy and Angel combined box set. I'd buy it.
I'm waiting for the day a Blu-ray box set is announced.
Can't see it ever happening, unfortunately.
I so shared this on Facebook. I will convert the world!
The last time Joss addressed the blu-ray possibility was in an interview in June. He said: "People have been asking me that a lot, I have no idea if weíre ever gonna see Buffy on Blu-ray, I donít have like a guy I can call and be like, ďHey, letís get that Buffy out on Blu-ray.Ē I mean, Iím for it, I wish they would un-letterbox it. That offends me deeply, because I shot it for 4◊3 frame. Iím not the boss of that. But I think itís a good idea."

As we know, the first couple seasons of BUFFY make for a difficult blu-ray transfer due to the standard/quality of film they were shot on, but I haven't given up hope. If FOX thinks there is enough money to be made, I believe it'll happen (even if the result is sub-par on some seasons).
I'm pretty certain that those are the prices I paid for each season...

Which is kinda making me think it would be justified to buy these.
Speaking from someone who was navigating through season 2 earlier today, I don't even care about a Blu-Ray release, I'd be down for even a newer DVD release that has less terrible menus and consistent menus throughout the whole series.
I'm tempted to buy the Buffy set again because mine is falling apart. But the new one would just fall apart too! The Angel box is *so* much better constructed.
I don't care if it's DVD or Blu-Ray but I want them to finally release Buffy in the correct aspect ratio here in Europe.

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