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September 17 2013

Gina Torres on Suits, towering over her male co-stars, and playing badass women. Vulture interview with Gina Torres... she plays strong female characters. ;)

"I've played precious few women that aren't badass and strong and capable, and I've always gotten incredibly positive feedback across the board, from men and women alike. Men, women, children, grandmothers - yeah."

This is a compelling show, filled with very good actors. Gina is amazing in her role as a woman who is tough, though people think they are tougher than her only to find out they are wrong. I particularly like Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis, who is utterly amoral and contemptible but effective in his own way. Sarah Rafferty as Donna is not only gorgeous but also highly effective at what she does. Do not mess with her! Do not mess with Gina (Jessica)!

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